#770 – play the game

41 thoughts on “#770 – play the game

  1. Go, Hanna! Put yourself out there – baby steps, but you gotta at least take the first one!

  2. Eve's eye-pop confrontation face in the last panel is making my life this morning.

  3. I want to hug that last panel because its an adorable baby.

    1. Imagine what those guys are thinking!

  4. Hanna, you can't say you want to date then act like a sullen teen when Even tries to help you out! haha This is gonna be good 🙂

  5. Eve. This is no time to throwing dice.

  6. Hah! Good one, Eve!
    Hanna, meet Five-fingered Mary.

  7. Also can I just say that Eve looks really cute in this particular comic.

    1. We really should create an acronym for that, like ELRCITC or whatever, seeing as we have to say it at practically every new page.

  8. "I just love wearing clothes I guess!" Smooth stuff. Eve's clearly your #1 source of hottt tipz 4 dating.

  9. What a 180 from the character dynamics at the start of this comic. Amazing.

    1. I was about to say something along the same lines! it's like they've swapped personalities or something

      1. The complete reverse of these panels:

        1. I think it may in fact be the same exact cool boys…transcending time and space to be cool wherever the single ladies at

        2. whoaaaa, love this theory. the one dude made a much better facial hair choice, if so..and switched to contacts.

  10. Two Male Associated Drinks is a good band.

  11. Eve really knows how to sit. Championship stuff.

    Must have something to do with wearing clothes?

    1. She probably has had a lot of practice wearing clothes, on account of how much she loves wearing clothes.

  12. Most of these dating references are above my head. Can't I just meet someone I can instantly be myself around and have already been dating for months?

    1. Not only does that make sense (to me, at least) but it sums up how I feel about dating perfectly. Like, to a T.

  13. "Two male-associate drinks"… Eve. Your Wisdom Bitch has evolved to Wisdom Alpha Bitch.

    1. Eve knows how the game is played. I guess all those dudes she banged were good for something. Besides banging, I mean.

  14. Man, that sassy Eve sit-down…

    *has the vapors*

    1. I do declayuh


    3. She knows what she's workin with. And that's glorious.

  15. I fail to understand the last panel

    I’m sure it’s way more complicated than a handjob joke

    1. Eve's being sarcastic, it's like: hold on, I keep them right here in my pocket – oh no, sorry, all out of fucks to give, get over yourself. Hanna's like, I'm gonna leave.

    2. It's actually not that complicated. That's basically her way of saying "Hannah, you're stupid." Like, "Oh, sure, no problem! I've got a pre-made boyfriend right here in my– no, that's bullshit. Stop it."

    3. I think the person Hannah can already have been dating for the last few months is Hannah jacking off, and Eve is illustrating that visually.

    4. Honestly, i thought her hand was vibrating.

    5. No, I think it's *exactly* as complicated as a handjob joke.

    6. My best guess would be that- Eve is sayig to Hanna,

      [ If you REALLY want to start dating again, then stop j*rking off, aka stop wasting time, and give it a try! ]

  16. pointing out that hanna is literally wearing a sweatshirt. a sweat. shirt. So doesnt want to go thru with this.

  17. Huh-freaking-larious.

    And now I have Queen in my head. Nice.

  18. u_u ah yes I see, (I open my eyes, they are spilling over w/dispatches from the astral plane) Hanna and Larry will fall in love

  19. Eve is a great wing-woman here. " I just love wearing clothes I guess."

  20. or "stop being a jerk-off"

  21. Lol, Hanna looks like an angry bird in that last panel.

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