#766 – fifty degrees

Spring has sprung!!

41 thoughts on “#766 – fifty degrees

  1. Haha yes this is so perfectly Brooklyn this past couple weeks.

  2. Woke up with an inch or so of snow on the ground yesterday, which all melted by noon.

    I really wish spring would make up its damn mind.

  3. FIFTY DEGREES!!! Today our weather had a little 'setback' and dropped into the low 40s. Grrr brrrr

  4. Omg yes. I live in southeastern new england. I can almost see sidewalks. ALMOST!

  5. When you really shouldn’t be wearing a t shirt but you do anyway because anything over 32°F is basically summer.

  6. Things Will can do today:
    1) It.

    1. Maybe he’s finally going to quit being a weed delivery dude.

      1. Or maybe… he's gonna be the BEST weed delivery dude ever!

  7. *Does conversion thing*

    10ºC???????? Are New Yorkers crazy or what??? D: Is that why Eve was sleeping without socks at the beginning of the last story? Because she's crazy too? Oh my god.

    1. Wait. It's 10 degrees??? What the…

    2. 10 degrees C is so warm though…

      1. … what

      2. 10 degrees celsius is cold as balls, dude. It’s like, right between comfortable temperature and the freezing point.

  8. What's 50 degrees F, lazyweb?

    1. Only 10 Celcius!? No wonder they're shivering; even here in Winnipeg, that's sweater weather.

      1. oh my god another Canadian HEYYYY!
        and yeah. that's still kinda chilly. Jeeeez NY.

  9. Pfft…downstaters.

  10. It's a weird feeling when you Google a song you don't know & find its YouTube video has 165 million views.

  11. What I'd really like to know is how he's singing when he's got mouthwash in his mouth.

    1. That's how he deals!

    2. Somebody may have mentioned this already, but Will isn't singing. Somebody in the shower is singing.

      1. Wait, never mind; it's more likely the radio.

        1. Oh, damn. I didn't notice that. Well, there goes my "Will is secretly a magician theory"

  12. Wonder whose other toothbrush that is?

  13. Eve.

    He can do it today.


  14. thats exactly where I keep my speaker in the bathroom

  15. LoL at bros wearing t shirts at 50 degrees, I understand you all too well.

  16. Oh man, 50 degrees is just about my favorite temperature. (Prefer about 55, but close enough.) I live in accursed Sacramento and it’s already hitting the disgusting 80s during the day. Dislike, thumbs down, unfriend, et cetera.

    1. Aha, yup. It's gonna be what, 77 this weekend? I am not looking forward to the summer.

  17. One word, Florida….

    I don't wana hear it! You try existing in 90+ degrees, with humidity that feels like you're swimming while walking, for 80-90% of the year! Cold you can always pile on more clothes, heat you can only take off so much (oh my…).

  18. what's going to happen!? we just had park flashback for the first time in ages of a Really Bad Relationship and I want SO BADLY for will and eve to Just Be Happy in a Balanced and Mature Relationship!

  19. Eve's flashback ends in a snowstorm, Will's arc begins with a thaw… Evill shippers rejoice, I think we're in for something good!

  20. As a Michigander, I feel a bond of solidarity with Will here. That first fifty degree day after winter is practically bikini weather. Almost.

  21. To those Canadians saying 10 celsius is still sweater weather – no way! Here in Halifax I can't wait to freeze my ass off in a summer dress in a couple of weeks.

    If the snow ever starts melting…

    1. Oh man, I love the Maritimes but I feel real sorry for y'all at the moment.
      Not that southern Ontario is going to be exactly balmy either at like -16 celsius tomorrow morning…

  22. I'm pumped up! Bikini outfit -Check!

  23. final panel would make good bumper sticker


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