#757 – one foot in an imaginary place

49 thoughts on “#757 – one foot in an imaginary place

  1. Those last two panels.


    1. Especially the last one. It's making my eyes wet T_T

      Damn you, Meredith. Why must you be so good.

  2. Yessir. I totes agree. That's happened to me.

  3. Damn…that is some harsh but oh so true real talk.

  4. I know this scenario. Mar is saying the real shit, and Eve only wants here the good shit. I have been both people. More often the latter, though…

  5. It's nice to see Mar thru the eyes of friends! Hanna has drawn such a negative light to her and like I can relate to Hanna's disdain for cool friends that get too cool and they begin to feel pretentious and mocking. But I remember really liking Mar when she was back with Will and when she cut her hair short and was healing, good to see that development wasn't wasted! also, such truth in her dialogue there haha, harsh reality.

  6. Oof. We got a new wisdom bitch up in here.

    1. My thought exactly. *synchronous five*

  7. what a contrast between mar's real talk and hannah's 'real talk'

  8. Dang, Mar took the words right out of my mouth

  9. Later, Eve gets home.

    HANNA: how’d it go

    EVE: you were right, Marigold IS a bitch

    I don’t think that’ll happen, buuuut I’d crack up if it did.

    1. perfessormultigeek

      I very much want to think better of Eve than that. But tell me that none of us have ever dismissed uncomfortable truths just that way. At least at first.

  10. Is this the first time Marigold has knocked it out of the park with life advice? I was not expecting her to be this frank.

  11. Marigold obviously speaking from experience here. Marigold used to be much more of an idealistic person. Her career centered life was only reluctantly tolerated when she felt she had no other options. Now, she has an even view of both the bad AND the good (i.e. having enough money to afford things like bi-weekly spa days) of "settling." She knows her life is imperfect, but accepts it for what it is, and embraces the opportunities it gives her.

    I never realized it until now, but maybe the reason Eve has been acting so carefree lately is because she thinks of Park as a "failsafe," someone she can always call if her life in New York doesn't work out. While I love to see Eve throw caution to the wind the way that she has been the past few days, it just doesn't feel fair to Park to just expect him to be waiting for Eve this entire time. I mean, did she wait for him? It's kind of weird that she doesn't think that he's found someone else by now.

    Regardless, great negative space in the last panels. Sad that she brought all of this up when they're supposed to be relaxing. I would guess that Jane will bring up some non-sequitur soon, to help ease tension.

    1. I think a big part of it is Eve's perception of her own life as having come to a halt, particularly in regards to her career, which is something she has struggled with throughout the entire comic. She had an opportunity to leave this perceived stagnation behind when Park got his job in Chicago, but turned it down, and now regrets it. Hence Marigold saying Park represents something to Eve more than anything else… he represents a lost opportunity for Eve, who has been feeling stuck.

      That's why to me it looks like Marigold is grinding Eve in the dirt a little right now. Eve just has to find some way to transmute her perception of Park as an opportunity into an actual opportunity.

      1. Maybe so…I'm guessing her own bad history makes her want to be a little harder on Eve to rub the notion out for good. She probably thinks that being harsh will help. Either way if what you're saying is true, neither one of them are helping Eve out very much 😛 I just wish she knew just what it is that she wants.

        In most stories, a sidekick/best friend character would be there to give her "the talk," that one, inspiring monologue that helps bring Eve into the next phase of her life, but OP is more like real life than stories, and in real life we don't have sidekicks whose lives revolve around our problems.

  12. I think Marigold's completely right but I don't think that's what Eve wanted to hear. I think Eve is going to have to just reach out to Park.

  13. Don't we all have a part of ourselves in some fantasy, some delusion? A little lie told to in private that only we know, to make things seem less pointless, less empty? Or maybe that is just me, and I'm kidding myself that normal people do the same.

    1. We all have such little delusions: they're part of what keeps us going, and it's OK… as long as we don't try to build our life around them or take them as a basis for major decisions. Eve was doing just that, and I'm glad that Mar has laid it out for her.

    2. You can grow out of it…

  14. marigold is so wonderful and im glad this strp, so far, is not setting her up to be "secretly sad" like hannah hopes she is. her words seem kind of harsh but they dont seem nearly as condescending as hannah's.

  15. What if's are the enemies of growth :/

    You can't go forward in your life if you're still longing for the past…

    (I wish I could knock that into my own head once and for all)

  16. Oh man.

    In the last two panels, Eve looks really burned, or about to burst open…and is about to really cry, and cry a lot. Jeezum.

  17. Marigold is such a god tier character, holy shit.

  18. THANK YOU Mar. Listen to her, Jane. She knows Eve, and she knows what she's talking about. Sheesh.

  19. its the NAKED TRUTH YO

  20. Gosh, those colors.

  21. …anybody wanna go get a massage? I think this is a great time for a massage!

  22. perfessormultigeek

    So much for any pretense of sticking to comforting nothings.


  23. *MIKE DROP* Marigold out!

  24. Someone needs to give Eve a hug. Truths like that hurt.

  25. I keep feeling like there's something wrong with Mairgold, or that she isn't happy and more secretly bitter, but that last dialog shows that she really knows what she is talking about after what she has been through emotionally and relationship wise.

  26. Someone finally said it! No mood lit baths can flush out that harsh truth Eve, best listen to Mar!

  27. projection.

  28. Being naked in front of your friends is a good visual metaphor for real talk.

  29. As someone who knows how Eve feels, this comic hit me right in the heart.

    The advice, however, is exactly what Eve needs to hear.

  30. Dude, this strips gets deeper and deeper… Love it.

  31. I reckon Marigold is also a little bit pissed off because this is what she went through with Will, and she knows Eve and Will are going to get together. One person's to-be-forgotten-past is another person's future.

  32. Okay, I feel like I missed something: I thought Eve was foolin' with Will? What happened with that?

    1. Well that's just it. She's foolin' with Will. It's not going anywhere and they both know it. Just cause Eve is getting some physical affection doesn't stop her from wanting something more fulfilling. Doesn't mean Park is it, but it sure looks like Eve has made him this in her mind.

  33. But… But… Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!

  34. Duuuuude, you're boning Will, you don't need that lame Park motherpucker anymore.

  35. eve has worked out so many things by now. she's more relaxed, she is functioning in a way that lets her be happy with will without sabotaging herself, she seems to have a greater understanding of the "inner peace" project, which is a lifelong journey.

    this thing about park is a big bump/obstacle for her that continues, and it's fascinating because i always thought park was really never very good for eve… i think i remember him being a bit, i dunno, Male about lots of stuff and he was pretty decent to eve but only within that framework, he was kind of like that guy who has Definite Ideas about how boyfriends and girlfriends behave?

    mind you will was not that great for eve before either but he's also grown and developed and seems to be in a place for them to really benefit in a grownup and full way from this intense connection that they have. it's really sad (but also beautifully realistic you're so good at this) that she still wonders about him…

    i think it's maybe to do with the fact that he was prescriptive about their relationship, and often women are conditioned to believe that if you're doing what you're told/supposed to do, then it'll be fine, so part of her misses that feeling of "i'm with this type of dude and so things will be okay" which makes sense given that she's her age and still hasn't moved on in her career even though she has made such great strides towards being stable and balanced.

    I've actually never respected Marigol as much as i do now. Sure, there's also other nuances to this issue, but she's being really perceptive. :3

  37. Ohh this strip is so perfect. This is why I love Octopus Pie. Thank you.

  38. I feel like this doesn't have to apply in just physical places.. it can also apply in poor relationships, overly idealized career goals, etc.. I needed to hear this I think.

  39. Later, Eve gets home.

    HANNA: how'd it go

    EVE: you were right, Marigold IS a bitch

    I don't think that'll happen, buuuut I'd crack up if it did.

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