#758 – placebo effect

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  1. I whip my hair back and forth I whip my hair back and forth I whip my

  2. My thoughts so far: Marigold is aware of "all the shit" but she prefers to avoid it and be "mature" about it… it became a placebo for her.
    It's sort like the people that give good advice but never really put them on practices.

    1. I know what you mean.

      I give the best advice ever and now all my friends lead their best lives because I give such good advice and it always works for them.

      But as for my own life… eeeeesh.

      Seriously though, I have a bad case of Wisdom Bitch. Many Wisdom. Such Bitch.

  3. The shine to mar's hair and the general drawing is beautiful
    And ruh roh… placebo effect ey?

  4. Don't worry Eve. We all pee in the water sometimes.

  5. Maybe Mar's born with it?

  6. It's always placebos. It's placebos all the way down.

  7. The ambiguous tension in this strip is palpable.

    1. I feel like many of the recent strips have had ambiguous tension of some sort. It's so literary and I love it. Real characters saying real things!

  8. Mmmh… I wonder whether this is when we get to know more about Jane :3 That'd be neat.

  9. I’m now wondering if Jane maybe has a bit of a crush on Mar. Or maybe she was just looking at her phone. I can’t tell!!!

    1. Yup, Meredith is kinda teasing us about that in this page. And I was just thinking that we actually know very little about Jane, apart from the fact that she's cool and fun (though not very good at giving relationship advice) and she doesn't like being bored.

      It's been ages since we last saw Julie, too :c

  10. "Mar."
    "Yes, Jane?"

    "… "

    "I'm in lesbians with you."

  11. All this time, Octopus Pie has been a long-form commercial for Loreal.

  12. damn, maybe we should also try having lots of money

  13. Jane is looking at Mar…but those emotions are hella mixed. Crush? I wouldn't.

  14. Whoa whoa whoa, wait. Wait.

    Does Jane have a crush on Marigold? When Marigold was talking about having one foot in an imaginary place, was that resonating with Jane on a very, very personal level? Did Jane dress up as GATSBY FOR HALLOWEEN BECAUSE MARIGOLD IS HER DAISY?????

    1. Mmmm, could be?

    2. We won't know for sure until we see a green light off in the distance.

    3. Or maybe Jane is just enjoying the moment.

  15. Placebo effects are real effects. If you can make them work for you, so much the better.

  16. Someone probably has said this before me, but:

    Spa Day DID fix everything,…it helped Eve drop an old, romantic interest!

  17. Yeah Mar you got it all together. Wait till you see what Eve's doing with your ex lover.

  18. Wait, though because not long ago Jane was calling Mar 'basic' behind her back, no?

    But also just now Mar was basically dissing Jane's advice to Eve. So I feel like they're not really on the same page enough for there to be potential chemistry and whatnot.

    Although I'm aware that's not how crushes work at all.

    Plus, her hair is amazing, so

  19. Mar is really taking her time with that hair, if Jane and Eve are already fully dressed.

  20. Gonna aim for the salt here, but I get the feeling Mar is so abrasive about the subject because Will (possibly) ended up leaving her over unresolved feelings concerning Eve. Both Eve and Will have the chance to work it out, but now Eve is thinking about working things out with Park instead. I could see Mar being pretty annoyed with a person that pulled Will away from her, only to end up running back to another guy.

  21. I get the feeling that it isn't a crush that's happening. Jane is primarily friend'a with Mar through Eve. Same thing with Hannah. So she's kinda trying to get to know both of them, since their both Eve's friends. And I think Jane's trying to be loose and positive and have a good time, and both of them are good for that, but both of them bring the tension in their friendship into the conversation way to easily for Jane's tastes. Like, I think Mar's cold hard advise was important for Eve to hear, but from Jane's perspective might seem a bit harsh and passive aggressive and off-putting. So I think she just is guarded, and doesn't know how to feel about Mar yet.

    1. I would believe that if it wasn't for that last panel. Faces and hair do not shine, backlit by the hopeful sunset of the imagination, due to a vague sense of cynicism.

      1. It would also explain Mar's sparkling stump moment and Jane's reaction a few pages back.

  22. "Damn why do I always fall for the basic ones"

  23. In conclusion, losing the dreads was a good call.

  24. I have a feeling Mar is trying desperately to fit a 'mature' and 'practically enlightened' mold she feels like she has to fit into.

  25. That pause in panel four speaks to some heavy thinking on Jane's part.

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