#755 – it’s hard to ever forget

I was really trying to rein in my lettering in these pages. Certain things that I impress upon my students - consistent line spacing, for example - was still being refined here. I'm not kidding when I tell people it takes years to learn to hand-letter well, and they should take every opportunity to start practicing.

I think people were surprised that Eve still had Park on her mind. He hadn't been mentioned in the story lately, so that's understandable. Reading Eve talk this way is a familiar experience I've had with people I'm sort of distant from, but admire - hearing them air a small irrational thought that I never would've considered. Oh, so this person isn't as strong or perceptive as I'd thought. There are things they've been tumbling around in their heads for way too long. They're a lot more like me.

4 thoughts on “#755 – it’s hard to ever forget

  1. That's sort of how exes work on a personal level too, though. You go a while without thinking about them and then one day you find yourself spending a bunch of energy reflecting on your relationship and you sort of catch yourself like "what the fuck, where did this come from"

  2. I imagine that this is just some good ol' subconscious self-sabotaging from Eve, now that things are somewhat progressing with Will. Scared of the future, one clings to the comforts of the past, rendered in one's imagination smooth and free from the complications that precisely made them become a thing of the past.

  3. Not gonna lie, I went Snrk-hahahaha for Mar’s reply in panel one also.

  4. Yeah, dude…
    Even 20+ years later, I still think about loves and lusts I've lost and left…

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