#754 – no new friends

"No New Friends" is a song by Drake and DJ Khaled from 2013 that I wouldn't actually expect anyone to remember, given how the culture has accelerated and how everyone's pretty much sick of that first guy now. But it's a philosophy that resonates with the aging millennial who's found their people and is winding down the search.

I've long thought about how I have "naked at the spa together" friends and "nope, nope, never" friends. What's the difference? Some people I've known for way too long and it would just seem weird to cross that barrier now. Some people maybe there are hang-ups between us that are in neither of our interests to explore. And some just don't like the god damned spa, which is a point of contention I wouldn't wanna get red, mad and nude over.

5 thoughts on “#754 – no new friends

  1. every appearance of eve’s nonsexualized cartoon titties is a treasure

    1. I like how surprisingly well-rendered (for the cartoony look going in the panel) Mar's sideboob is.

  2. I really enjoy that the vast majority of moments featuring exposed breasts in this comic are completely non-sexual. Boobs are a constant presence for over 50% of the world's population, and yet in American media they're basically either there to be sexy or something to be completely avoided.

    1. absolutely.

  3. I spent a lot of time by myself focusing on work on the basis that I have limited time to get the best grades I can, but I'll be able to make friends later. It's a terrifying thing to think that's not true, making friends gets harder and people will lose interest in connecting to new people, a lot of them might just stick to only their families. I really, really hope I'm wrong about all that.

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