#752 + 753 – that dies hard

A few scattered thoughts on this one - I was trying out these little breath bubbles and I think I might've gone a little big with them here. They end up looking like empty word balloons. They did end up causing confusion throughout the time I was using them (from recently until the end) but I needed nonverbal ways for the characters to express things, as the tone of OP got increasingly visceral and less schticky.

I don't think I need to speak on the topic they're discussing, other than that it's a phase Jane is beginning to emerge from, and Mar has just recently exited. This is the first in an ongoing series of ways that Jane & Mar help each other cope with life. And while that's inseparable from the romantic connection, I don't think this is the actual spark that ignites them. Just a realization that they're both adults, and that they're awakening to certain freedoms.

Of course those freedoms come with the responsibility to realize and shed destructive habits - also an ongoing struggle for them.

4 thoughts on “#752 + 753 – that dies hard

  1. Huh, I thought the breath bubbles were quite clear and evocative. Was Hanna's running session a few weeks ago their first appearance?

  2. just to say: seeing stars & falling in love with a woman wearing shapeless generic clothes and wild hair in a odd but comfortable position is a deeply, deeply relatable sapphic experience.

  3. This is really a long way coming from Mar's first appearance in the comic. That's some good willpower.

  4. These ladies should be chugging water and electrolyte drinks!

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