#750 – you shouldn’t have come here

22 thoughts on “#750 – you shouldn’t have come here

  1. welcome to hell

  2. Ooooo, what whacky situation have our heros found themselves in now?

    1. Scary. I wanna skip to where he would've gotten away for it if it weren't for those meddling kids.

      1. 10 spooky 12 me!

    2. I'm guessing the Bulgama Room.

  3. and so they found the other Marigold and the other Hanna, just like in Coraline…

    1. Other Marigold: Still kind of a hippie and retained the dreadlocks and easygoing sensibilities, but has the great job too.

      Other Hanna: Exactly the same, except is able to get high again.

      1. And everyone has anime eyes.

  4. "I mean, it's really hot in here. You shouldn't have come in here without some sandals at least."

  5. Mwahaha, the center sudatorium! 140 degrees and the floor's too hot to sit on. Mats, you forgot the mats fools!

  6. Oh no! They've crossed the veil into another webcomic! Which one will it be?!

  7. Holy shizz what kind of spa is this anyway

    1. Apparently Jimjilbangs have saunas of varying temperatures. They're marked on the outside, so you theoretically know what you're getting into. If Marigold had bothered to explain this, they would have known to check the temperature sign or grab mats before going in.

  8. Why is this comic called Octopus Pie?

  9. They have entered the sauna that is only used by "the Ghost of Christmas Past"!
    Oh no!
    What perils will our heroes face next? Tune in next time! : )

  10. "Hey Mar, which room's next? Also Jane is dead."

  11. The Ghost of Christmas Future has a hell of a rack.

  12. I dunno, I'm bracing myself for rock-throwing old lady revenge. But this could just as easily veer into something strange and fantastical, which is why I love this comic.

  13. It looks like there are some kind of mats on the 6th panel, where Jane is laying down?

    Love the surreal turn of this comic. Always keeping it good Meredith!

  14. so they found the other Marigold and the other Hanna, just like in Coraline…

  15. HamsterNamedMitch

    OH NO! Marigold the Korean Spa peace keeper and guardian has fallen asleep! Withput her guidance, Eve and Jane have walked into the secret door of WearSomeSandalsIt'sFreakingHotGuys and have met PersonOrSupernaturalBeingInACloak of the Korean Spa which is actually a gateway to another dimension!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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