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  1. It's like a bug zapper for people!

  2. I'm just imagining them making primate noises.

  3. Ooh, nice fake-out — "no, this isn't a horror strip. Have some physical comedy".

    Poor girls, though — I hope the locals rescue them, and help them down to the infirmary.

  4. So it's a room so hot that you need to have a blanket to get in it. Which is also hot. And this is relaxing.

    I'm not sure I get this.

    1. Well, the blanket keep your skin from burning due to direct contact with the surface. It's still some kind of sauna, though, so you'll sweat like hell, but not get first-degree burns, I suppose.

    2. Me, either.

    3. Blanket's probably supposed to protect from the hot surfaces while you sweat yourself pure.

  5. Mer, is any of this based on personal experience?

  6. Is… is this the way Octopus Pie ends? Not with a bang, but with a stone-griddled Eve? DDD:

  7. It's 12 Degrees where I live right now. This sauna sounds like paradise, because I am not so secretly a salamander.

  8. Man, they're gonna need to go to a spa to recover from their stressful day at the spa.

  9. Hot octopus pie, fresh out of the FIERY FURNACE OF RELAXATION.

  10. Roll, girls, roll! (You need to cook yourselves evenly, like breakfast sausages…)

  11. Anyone else find it kind of odd that Marigold didn't warn them of this or show them the blankets? I know she was snoozing, but.. maybe should have mentioned it at the beginning or something. I might have given a "grand tour" with heads-up of the various rooms. Maybe I'm just overthinking it / taking this prime opportunity for physical comedy too seriously.
    I guess I'm just feeling pain for fictional characters again! Meredith just brings it out of me. 🙂

  12. And into the heated depths they entered. Never before have the girls experienced such an unnatural darkness, where the flames of the sun itself could be felt but not seen. They fumbled about there for a spell – perhaps moments, perhaps years. The pain that was endured gave the passage of time no meaning, as the unrelenting temperatures made their forms yielding and malleable. Before our intrepid adventurers realized it, this strange place has changed them.

    "Into what, exactly?" one may ask. Unable to form a coherent thought through their agony, they lost the gift of speech. Unable to see in the dark, their eyes became as large as saucers. The scalding surface ever-burning, their frames became unable to support a civil and erect posture.

    It was impossible to say what manner of creature they were now, but it was undeniable — they left that cave as something far less than what they once were.

    May we be spared the spite and hatred that was forged into their warped forms and souls.

  13. This looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen…

    1. Unless they had to sign a waiver when they checked in.

  14. Hahahaha!!! Awesome!!!

  15. I think the gradients were a really clever and covincing way to portray heat.

  16. A grand-spanking new game of "The Floor is Lava"!

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