#747 – spa fix everything

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  1. I've never been to a spa. Are there co-ed spas? Where one could spa with their lady friend? That'd be cute as hell!

    1. There totally are!

    2. If you want to be ruined for spas forever, go to the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. There’s a boys side and a girls side, but the center is heated indoor mineral water pools to mingle together. It is amazing.

      1. I live and have grown up in Asheville and I could not agree more. My body is ready.

  2. What is that they're walking into?

    1. A medium-sized pizza oven.

    2. earlytwentieswoohoo

      spa castle…dungeon?

    3. A sauna. Enclosed hot room made for sweating.

    4. "The Gold Room"

    5. The spas have heated "relaxation" rooms of different temperatures; they're walking into one of those. Some of the rooms have a floor made out of different materials (rocks, pebbles, sand) so that you can lie down on different textures, too!

    6. My best guess: A sauna.

    7. A sauna–it's a nice, heated room!

      1. Ahhh…I'd just never seen one you had to almost crawl into.

        1. Oh interesting–I haven't been to many spas (maybe 3?) but had only ever seen them as small rooms with smaller doors. Not sure if there is a tradition/style/practical reason for that particular design, or if my experience of it is the norm.

        2. The small door is likely for the same reason brick ovens are made with small doors, to minimize the loss of heat. It's especially important for them to not reach the upper part, since heat rises, and the lowness of the room is probably so it doesn't cost as much to heat up a large space. It also likely keeps the heat closer to where the people are.

  3. Oh my goodness — that spa background must have taken a while to do.

  4. I wanna go to a spa 🙁

  5. Why wasn't Hanna invited? If anyone could use a spa day, it's her.

    1. I think she'd have refused even if invited.

    2. hanna actively hates marigold with a passion.

    3. She and Marigold haven't been friends for awhile so no reason for her to be offered an invitation she wouldn't expect or likely even want even if they were. Hannah doesn't seem like the spa type. I think just finding out that Marigold GOES to spas now would just further prove to Hannah that Marigold has become that much more everything she can't stand about the world.

  6. Going into a sauna with your clothes on? With a BOOK? You make sick.

    1. Never visited a "jjimjilbang" before, have you?

    2. I'm guessing this is some traditional Korean thing which spa marketing people decided to translate inaccurately as "sauna" when they needed an English name. Going into an actual sauna dressed like that would be no fun at all, unless you like having your clothes entirely saturated with sweat.

      Either that or the "sauna" comment is just incidental and this isn't meant to be a sauna at all.

      1. You guys do know there are still nudity taboos in the states, right? You have to remember allot of the early colonists came from puritan sects lighting out of Europe to avoid the prosecution of the protestant reformation. I don't think it would be out of the norm in New York City for nudity to be pretty uncommon in a public sauna.

  7. Of the three things by Eve, the least likely to be cured is ambivalence. You could always do some networking at the spa. Ambivalence is an existential crisis more serious than even the goldest gold room can fix. But gold rooms help.

    1. Luxurious lounging has always fixed my sense of ambivalence; usually, by making me go from full ambivalence to apathy concerning the situation 😉

  8. On a side note, characters losing their noses from time to time is hella cute.

  9. Just lie down, relax, close your eyes… and then we release the tigers.

  10. Never seen a sauna like that… Is there an attendant to check if you’ve been too long in there? Lying down would make me fall asleep in a minute…

    (Then again, you can lie down in a Finnish type sauna as well, but it’s not that comfy with the wooden bench.)

    Also – from the outfit I guess they won’t jump in the freezing water afterwards…

    1. Wouldn't be a problem for me. I once made the mistake of walking into a sauna while I had some major congestion issues. I immediately began coughing and heaving like you would not believe.

      Later that night, I hocked up some of the junk that'd been in my chest and throat…it was nearly *brown*.

  11. Love the light reflecting off the tiles

  12. I'm guessing you went to Spa Castle recently…? 🙂

    There's one in the DFW area. I've been there. Awesome place.

  13. Jane's updo is awesome in her "given up" state of dress.

  14. yessss. I live in Korea and I can tell you with authority that Korean saunas (or fomentation rooms as they are sometimes called…) to fix everything. The best room is the room with the heated salt pebbles for the floor, do they have that kind of room at Spa Castle? If not you're missing out!

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