#746 – i’m all set

Hey all! There's going to be 3 more comic pages posted for our January Patreon quota. These will come a little late, so I hope you'll bear with me. Post-holiday catchup is a bitch! But these are going to look stellar with Valerie's color work, so just you wait.

36 thoughts on “#746 – i’m all set

  1. oh my god that first panel, what an amazing face

    1. It's very Baman & Piderman.

      Like she should be flopping from room to room

  2. Everyone in this comic is making silly faces. Even the statues.

  3. Heh, is that a "merry gold" dragon with the same expression and body language as Marigold? Pricelessly subtle.

    1. Visual rhyme. I love it!

    2. I didn't notice that the first time! Thanks for pointing it out, it's great!

    3. Also the dragon in the first panel actually is mimicking eve too if you look again! 😀

  4. can somebody explain what Eve meant?

  5. Apart from that, really loving it with the colors!

  6. Sorry, I have no idea what's going on? They gave Eve a watch? She paid money to give up? It's convincing? guh-whuh?

    1. I believe she means that the "relaxed" clothing they supply is typically what one wears when one is "vegetating" on the couch and ignoring friends, laundry, hygiene, etc.

    2. I'm missing something there, too.

      1. They use the "watches" as a key for the lockers I assume. But I don't quite understand the rest.

    3. I think it's an armband, to show that she paid so that she can go all around the spa. I'm also pretty sure the the "give up" comment is about how frumpy the spa clothes are, which she got when she paid at the front desk.

    4. I think she means wearing-sweatpants-in-broad-daylight kind of give up.

    5. It's not a watch; it's an electronic bracelet (probably using an RFID tag) for charging any additional expenses to her bill, e.g. snacks or massage services. Spas use the bracelets so people don't have to carry their wallets around and can leave them more securely locked up in the locker room.

    6. I think the watch is like a beeper thingy you can order snacks with.

      Also she paid money for give up on life pants https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7bWsbhh_io

      1. I love this reference so much and helped me to understand this joke. Thank you.

  7. Waving Dragon, Hungry Eve.

  8. This is all still Eve's dream, right?

    1. I don't think so, I think it's quite real – she slept in the store because she'd never get out of bed at home, so as to catch the shuttle to the Korean spa way out in the boroughs in the morning with Jane and Marigold.

      You know the Korean spa right? I don't even live in the city and I know the Korean spa.

  9. For those confused by where everyone is, they're at a Korean-style spa.

    The way it's done there is that you go in, and then they give you a wristband (that watch-looking thing) that is your pass to the rest of the spa. All the services you get will be billed to your wristband number, and you'll pay when you leave. They also give you a set of pajama-like things (the "giving up" outfit Eve's wearing) to wear because a) they're way comfier than street clothes and b) you're there to hang out, get relaxing spa services and you don't want to have to be always getting in and out of your entire outfit every time.

    There's a lot of other super awesome things about a Korean spa, and everyone should go if they get the chance! Personally, while I know that artistically it's easier for them to just go straight to the jammies, I'm judging them for not doing the whole wash/sauna/scrub thing first before jammies. Because scruuuuub.

    1. especially with all them naked old lady titties hangin’ out

    2. Well, a) thank you, Exposition Fairy! Because I actually did not know any of that.

      b) they easily could have warshed theyselves (although I get the feeling they’ll get clean enough in any case) in the interim between panel 3 and 4, so y’know, uh… delay or transmogrify thy judgement, unless you’re stealth asking for Meredith Gran to do narrative transition caption bubbles, in which case, nooooo

    3. Awwww….College Point, Queens,NY

  10. SPA CASTLE!!! <3 <3 <3

  11. Man, so I'm a Korean guy, and I know that a lot of Korean spas end up being, like, not-so-secret hook-up spots and whatnot.


    1. Hmm, Mar's "gold room" now takes on whole new dimensions..

  12. Meredith: I contribute to your Patreon so you can make amazing art — not so you can meet a quota. So don’t stress about it too much.

    1. Very nice of you. Thanks.

  13. How has no one said anything about how Marigold is a holding a book titled "trash"? Meredith, you are my favorite at jokes.

  14. They're at Spa Castle right? I've been there before! It was amazing.

  15. woo! I currently live in Korea and you don't have to pay good money to give up here! $10!

  16. Spa Castle in Flushing Queens!
    They got a Chinatown bus from Manhattan!

  17. HamsterNamedMitch

    Eve reminded me of Manuel in the second panel. I would like to see more Manuel in the following panels. MANUEL

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