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  1. Holy cripes, that ol' lady has thrown a few rocks in her time. Look at that dent!

  2. lol at the rock hitting right above Eve's head.

  3. Ruining old people's days… that's not good karma

  4. I can already tell I'm gonna love this arc!

  5. Wait- cars on either side of a double yellow line going the same direction? What am I looking at here?

    1. entering a tunnel, buddy

    2. City tunnels, and major bridges, change lane directions depending on traffic needs and rush hours.

    3. It's the Lincoln tunnel! You can't change lanes, so there's double yellow lines around them until you get to the other side.

      The girls are going to Jersey for their spa day. 😀

    4. They're going into a tunnel, and they can't change lanes in the tunnel.

    5. They’re about to enter a tunnel where lane changes are prohibited; thus, the double-yellow. (You can even see “stay in lane” on the electronic sign over the tunnel’s mouth.)

    6. New York City.

    7. *smug voice* new york, buddy

    8. artistic license

    9. Two lanes where you should definitely not overtake?

    10. That's how tunnel entrances work.

    11. Above the tunnel it says "STAY IN LANE". I guess that's not a suggestion but an order.

      Also, given the direction the speed limit signs are facing, this looks like a one-way tunnel entrance, with the tunnel's exit connecting elsewhere. I don't live in the US so I don't know anything about New York's traffic design, but I come through a tunnel constructed like that daily. Since I go by bus, I never really paid attention to it, but it might also have double continued lines between lanes for safety.

    12. See the "stay in lane" sign? bars are meant to emphasize that. Plenty of big cities have spots like that.

    13. Tunnel travel.

    14. Maybe it's one of those roads where both lanes go one way during the rush?

    15. Entrance to the Holland Tunnel. (I think the lines are actually white but meh.)

    16. That just means you need to stay in your lane.

    17. Probably a "stay in your lane" zone, they sometimes happen around tunnels.

    18. well double yellow lines generally mean "do not cross" (note the words in the comic "sta in lane") in this case it might be either a carpool lane or a toll lane or its because its a tunnel and its kind of dangerous to be changing lanes in a tunnel. I'm not familiar with new york streets but in LA most tunnels and toll lanes/carpool lanes look like this.

    19. I believe lane changes are restricted inside the tunnel, ergo the double yellow.

    20. it was fun approving these all at once. you nerds

    21. Okay, after reading all these explanations, I think I get it. The drivers in the left lane are all drunk and going the wrong direction, correct?

      Somebody who has never lived further east than west Texas.

  6. Man, I'm tryin' to appreciate Jane and all, but this stuff makes it hard. Arrrgh!

  7. They're going into a tunnel – see the sign that says STAY IN LANE? I think the reference pic is the New Jersey end of the Holland Tunnel. http://www.silive.com/news/index.ssf/2012/04/repa

  8. Where are they even going???

  9. Fuck old ladies!


    I gotta say, I REALLY love the little details you throw into the comic, if you'll excuse the pun. The 'kkt' in the back of the van was great!

  10. Notice the subtle change in light inside the van as they get closer to entering the darker tunnel. Amazing attention to detail as always.

  11. Love the last panel: The tunnel message says 'Stay in lane', but you witness a few folks passing multiple vehicles at once. Class.

    1. Your handle indicates you might not be from Amurica so you can be forgiven for not understanding that in this situation *both* lanes are carrying traffic in the same direction – the double solid line indicates you are not supposed to *change lanes* to pass.

      1. I'm from California and I've only ever seen double yellow lines in a situation where the other side of the line was going the other direction.

  12. So much chaos and ridiculousness in that first panel… Meredith you're truly a talented artist.

  13. "KKT!" and the dent: pure genius. Brilliant. 😀

  14. This totally happened to meee!!! Stealing seats from ladies!! Freaking Spa Castle brings out the worst in us!!!! I love this comic so hard right now!!!! <3

  15. HamsterNamedMitch

    That's exactly how getting a ride in the Philippines is

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