#737 – you want in on this?

I really adore this page. It's one of those times where I've presumptuously projected my own sense of humor onto the characters. Grapes are thematically funny in OP's history, but it's especially funny (TO ME) to treat them as a precious stoner treat. I think I previously did this with a baguette too, though I can't remember where.

The other thing I love about this page is Eve and Will's little performance, attempting to be so cool about their togetherness, like children who've spilled something in the next room and need to collect a wad of paper towel for NO PARTICULAR REASON, and that Hanna with her own worries just doesn't care that much. It's a sweet union of two parallel stories that haven't quite connected yet.

7 thoughts on “#737 – you want in on this?

  1. Is this the first sign we've seen of Will and Eve hooking up again?

    Also, what was the history of grapes? I forget.

    1. Why does everyone keep *asking* that? It's from grapes!! 😉

  2. Yes, I love this page. I love that it captures the subtle change in the dynamics of the three fiends. And it shows Will and Eve trying to be supportive and caring in an innocent way even in her fairly grinchy mood.

    I remember a comic where Will has obviously just dumpstered a bunch of sketchy looking food including some "primo baguettes" (LOL) to Hannah and a non-crusty aquaintence when she shushes him?

    1. Also it is the height of proper stoner etiquette that you HAVE to backup your friend 100% when they say some situation was "totally weird".

  3. "Oh heyyy" is truly the worst fake nonchalance phrase. Also, the most used.

  4. Is that Frasier they're watching?

  5. “I will tell mom and dad about the chutney and the hollowed out baguette if you don’t!”


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