#729 – backsliding

40 thoughts on “#729 – backsliding

  1. She does make a pretty damn good princess though.

    1. What else could we expect after her musical number?

  2. Your BCHOOHHHH!! may attract ghosts.

  3. I wonder if Greg’s gonna be her new Marigold.

    1. Oh no don't say that, Hannah can't fall into this loop again D:

  4. Also call me Elsa bitch cause you be gettin the COLD SHOULDER.

  5. romance romance romance romance romance cmooooon new romance.

    its my favorite part of fiction since my life is devoid of it. don't disappoint Merebear.

    1. I was thinking more cynically and thinking of a drunken and quickly regrettable one-night stand, but I'm hoping your more optimistic prediction comes true.

  6. Well, at least she breaks down in the most amazing fashion possible.

  7. Aw, Hannah. Just because you're sad and hurt doesn't mean you're broken 🙁 It's not supposed to be easy and painless.

  8. …aaaaannnnnnnnnnnnd things are back to normal!


  10. This fuckin' sucks!

    1. Who is that guy anyway. Either my brain lapsed or I missed something.

      1. We'll propbably see him again… Maybe a new friend for Hanna

      2. I'm pretty sure that's Don!

        Introduced here: http://www.octopuspie.com/2012-02-02/508-cut-and-

        And having some times with Eve starting here: http://www.octopuspie.com/2012-07-04/octopus-pie-

  11. The Atomic Backsliders was Puget Sean's band from May 2009-June 2009, but broke up because his tears kept ruining everyone's instruments.

    1. We just didn't notice because we were all obsessed with Eve and her love of puppies. http://www.octopuspie.com/2009-06-05/298-puppy-ch

  12. Is this another workout pun? What is backsliding?

    1. I think it's something like going back to some negative habits that you've left behind…

  13. Nuts…so much for personal improvement.

  14. Ah yes… The best part of the self-improvement kick: The backslide.

  15. Wait, so is Hanna a ghost or a princess?

    1. She's a princess- the conversation b/t the ghost and the Frankenstein monster is just a bit of scene-setting to show how the party is going (answer: not well).

      The real question: what is Greg?

      1. Greg is one of those people who don't dress up for Halloween parties.

      2. huh. But wasn't Hanna talking about being a ghost or something simple in an earlier panel?

        I guess the point is she's not the only one who had that idea, but mostly it just confused me.

      3. Greg is Rocky, right?

  16. Oh, Hannah, exercise isn't supposed to make it go away completely – it gives you an hour or two of breathing space when you're only thinking of your body, and not how you hurt the person you love and how you still miss them.

    Welp, time for my jog!

    1. definitely a guest

      but what if you get used to jogging and dont hurt as much and so your subconcious just leaks through like when youre in the shower and next thing you know youre at your ex's house and everything is going horribly wrong aaaaa D:

  17. Greg is Rocky Balboa.

  18. Wouldn't be surprised if Hanna bumps into Marek at this party. I hope she's ready for it.

  19. Wouldn’t be surprised if the sheet-ghost was Marek.

  20. I just want to say two things; the color strips are looking great, and I love the illustration of Hannah in panel 3.

  21. Hannah's got so much character.

  22. richard schumacher

    Where before have we seen Hanna's pose in panel three?

  23. Panel 2 is quite possible the most relatable a comic strip character has ever been.

  24. Did Hanna just throw her drink onto that carpet? Bitttch

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