#726 – running hot

It's so sinister of Hanna to resent and have a say in the thoughts of others, but who doesn't in this age? She's just honest about having such a personal stake in it.

5 thoughts on “#726 – running hot

  1. To be fair, that's a weird thing for Don to say in response to someone saying they're going to be a princess for Halloween. Some people just like princesses!

  2. I’m fascinated by the curious detail of Don setting the small container aside while carrying the rest.

    Also “Why would you say or personally think that?” Is one of the best lines in OP. I’ll say it in real life… one day.

    1. He's probably leaving those out front to sell from the counter, I'd guess

  3. I'm so disconnected from this type of crowd. Is there ACTUALLY irony in being earnest?

  4. Jane's just great in this arc, she steals every scene!

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