#725 – hanna

The colors of possibility - I love Sloane's approach to this page as well.

I was about to embark on a solo trip to Denmark for a 2-week teaching stint around this time. I continued to work on the comic, and the experience embedded itself in the work in ways that I'll try to identify as we go. But for starters, I was feeling optimistic about the craft and maintaining a daily practice.

4 thoughts on “#725 – hanna

  1. I appreciate that you didn't shy away from drawing lots of fingers and toes

  2. I can’t believe I never noticed before but did Eve and Hanna get another cat? That’s not Manuel.

  3. next prescott niles

    The kitchen panels in particular are incredible—it's almost (in a really really good way) like mid-period Astérix to see Hanna's non-literal physiognomy in a full-color, full-detail setting like this (the dough on her hands, backlit, in 4—!)

  4. Your ability to find some in-comic text, somewhere, to put as the title is appreciated.

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