#722 – something unpretentious

27 thoughts on “#722 – something unpretentious

  1. Ah, the traditional bedsheet with holes for eyes, it never goes out of style.

    1. Epecially if you're naked underneath!!

  2. Love this comic!!

  3. This isn't the real Hanna

    The real Hanna would have disappeared around a corner and come back rolled up in a sheet

    "Uh, Hanna, what are you?"
    "I'm a huge blunt!"

    1. Sometimes it takes time to find yourself again.

      1. Coming out of long term lurking to agree with this. I can seriously relate to the things that Hanna is going through. When you lose a person that defined a core aspect of your persona, it can be difficult—if not impossible—to maintain that facade. It would be strange if Hanna WEREN'T acting differently.

        I'm fine with this transformation that she is going through, because none of us stays exactly the same through the years. Hanna may not be the same as she was when she comes out of this, but I'm sure she'll regain her spark for life in some satisfactory manner. I've got faith in the girl. 🙂

    2. Well gosh, I don't know. She doesn't have to be that blunt.

      1. Oh gosh, did anyone else catch that? I guess I've gotta be blunt about this…

  4. So, our heroes' goal is to find an unpretentious costume? Isn't pretention a part of being a costume? In other words: they want to find a showy costume that isn't showy? Whaa? 🙂

    1. That's Greg's point, but Hanna is having none of it.

      1. Ah, thanks. I wasn't ready for Hannah's piece of logical gymnastics, yesterday.

      2. Hanna even accidentally calls her costume pretentious: "Pretension doesn't build in layers like that, it just resets to zero." Going back to basics with a simple ghost costume is resetting to zero for sure.

        1. She's going to let her snatch handle all the decision making from this point forward.

    2. My line of thought when I start wondering if not trying to be pretentious is pretentious in and of itself is to just say fuck it and do it.

  5. It's great to see more of Greg after such a long absence (haven't seen him much since Park moved to Chicago). I like how Panels 4 and 6 mirror each other, with complementary speech bubbles from excited Greg and lecturing Hanna.

    1. Whoops I mean panels 3 and 5.

  6. "Lots of human tragedy in 2014 to be insensitive about…" What saddens me is the way some people really DO choose costumes on exactly that basis.

  7. No Hanna! Don't fall into the post-ironic gloom abyss! Eve has a lot more practice being down there than you do, and now she's the goofy zen wisdom bitch! YOU'LL GET SCHOOLED LIKE A FISH

  8. Hanna should go as Amanda Bynes.

  9. What the eff happened to Hanna? She's acting more… adult..ish?

  10. Any idea why the recurring concept of social "glue" is the one thing that makes me feel most uncomfortable about "new" Hanna?

    1. Well… Let's see. When Hanna was still with Marek, she was much more confident. Like some people who get into more magnetic relationships, they feel more or less like going somewhere with their partner is enough of a reason to go anywhere. Now that she's single, she feels she has no reason to go out.

      According to Eve, the opposite is supposed to happen. Social "glue" for Hanna WAS Marek. Now she is attempting to adopt the term but I think she is only using it to encourage Greg to accompany her to Jane's, thus making him her glue…

      I don't know if that explains your inquiry. Thinking about it, it makes me wonder if we will gain deeper insight into her previous relationship, whatever happened there, with Will?

  11. That settles it, she's metamorphosing into the beautiful butterfly that is Eve:

  12. the thrift store racks are so true to life!!! amazing

  13. I bet Greg will turn out unpleasant enough at this party (or feel uncomfortable enough) that "single people don't need glue" will be disproven- or proven as just specific encouragement to Hannah. Something about the difference of never having been in a relationship vs freshly broken up.

  14. Yeah, Greg! Jeeze.

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