#688 + 689 – thank you i’m so excited

Even as a double page this one feels too short to really capture their laughter, but what am I gonna do, draw them laughing forever? I was looking to show another difference between Will and Eve, another bit of alienation for Will, and Eve's sort of oblivious, maybe drug-fueled drive for solitary enjoyment. She'd like Will to share in her enjoyment, but it's just not mandatory. The dog here is inspired by my own dog Heidi, who refuses to miss any marking opportunity. She's the most humorless dog I've ever known, and by that token the funniest.

2 thoughts on “#688 + 689 – thank you i’m so excited

  1. The dog somehow pissing on the coconut even MORE intensely in the 6th panel is one of those perfect grace notes that keeps me coming back to this comic.

  2. This is one of my favorite pages in the whole series.

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