#686 + 687 – human and manageable

Panel 1 is one of the most memorable images from this story for me. There they are, together! From the outside they look pretty nice that way. And we do feel a little hopeful for them here, seeing that Eve's old problems with Will's line of work might not be an issue anymore. Maybe then it's only a matter of timing for them. As if timing is "only" a small matter!

5 thoughts on “#686 + 687 – human and manageable

  1. I've always wondered what exactly Will was about to say here.

    1. I think he was gonna bring up the conversation he had with himself as a gateway to talk about those issues with her.

  2. Not that Eve is done stressing out over whether she's taking things too seriously/not seriously enough

  3. I used to think timing was only a small matter. Until I realized it was "only" a small matter and a very effective way to keep myself in denial. So now timing is only relevant for my present and I try to not project it to my future or overanalyze it in my past.
    I'm more cynical, but also quite a lot more comfortable with myself, so my conclusion is I win.

  4. "human and manageable" has become a personal mantra in the time since this page was first posted. one of my all-time favorite pages of ANY literary medium and the page that cemented my love for this comic. this and 'the witch lives' storyline really distilled and crystallized a lot of things that i had been struggling with. i still refer back to them after all these years.

    really, really grateful for this one.

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