#685 – hard to decipher

Talking with affection and/or concern about a mutual is kind of an icebreaker for more intimate conversation, I've found. It helps you really get into it, whatever "it" might be.

4 thoughts on “#685 – hard to decipher

  1. These comics make me miss Brooklyn so much. Trash-strewn, hipster-filled, and "rapidly being taken over by banks and other bullshit just like Manhattan already is" though it may be.

    I guess I should note that this comic in particular doesn't have anything too Brooklyn-y in it, but I've been to this exact park more than once, and it's just something about OP in general that really pings that feeling in me.

  2. Man, there's so much baggage packed into that "Yeah…" Masterful writing on your part.

  3. Whacking the hard coconut of intimacy against that grill, making just a little progress.

  4. You've got to ease into that tenderness.

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