#665 – i want to get paid and i want to be quiet

I'm back from TCAF! What a wonderful time, folks. Thanks so much if you came by the booth. I saw so many familiar faces and met lots of new TOTAL SWEETIES. Book pre-orderers: I'm happy to say the books are IN, and look FAB, and will be shipping in the next week! You'll get a shipping notification when your package goes out. Thanks for waiting!

51 thoughts on “#665 – i want to get paid and i want to be quiet

  1. I want to get paid and I want to be quiet – batman

  2. Why would you even do this? What are you high!? oh wait…

    1. Dang. An all time low for me!

  3. Bottle boy: never try an overhead smash (like in the movies) against Will's left hook (like in the comics).

  4. Well, I have a bad feeling about this now, but hell if I ain't loving it so far.

  5. I likewise have a bad feeling about this; I hope Will's okay. Torn between "he's going to get his ass handed to him, there's just too many" and "… they don't know what they're getting themselves into." Oh dear.

    1. Yeah, you wanna do your action movie star quote thing AFTER you hit someone. Sucker -punch bottle sneak attack (think of all the extra d6s) and THEN you say "So be quiet." This requires the victim to be incapacitated/unconscious/dead/whatever at the end of your attack but presumably that's what you'd banking on anyway.

      1. Yeah. You're not quipping for the target, you're quipping for the audience. The only time you want to snark is if they know you're there and it's become a battle of wits to make them falter, give you an opening.

        In which case "how appropriate, you fight like a cow."

    2. I'm worried someone will call the cops and not only will Will go to jail for the fight- he'll be caught as a drug dealer too. But I do think this is pretty badass so far- It's nice to see Will kicking ass.

  6. Will is the star of "Bad Decisions Theatre".

    1. There we go, that can be the interstitial part of the eventual Octopus Pie Cartoon Variety Hour Badical Show.

    2. Will isn't in the wrong here.

  7. shit. just. got. real.

  8. Who is seriously dumb enough to try and rip off a drug dealer WHO KNOWS WHERE YOU LIVE?!

    Even if Will weren't the type to go ballistic, who's to say his boss isn't the type to come by and break some kneecaps?

    1. Presumably even if the employer tries to keep a wholesome, family friendly image, it's aware that allowing something like this to happen without reprisal is bad for business. Even if they did beat Will up and he lost his employment over it, one imagines that some goons would come by at a later point and break everything they own (like, you know, their bones).

    2. Seriously, this has been bothering me. Like, yeah he's not going to call the police, but who's to say he won't call some other guys to "reinforce our repeat payment plan". With crowbars. And kerosene.

      I mean probably not actually, in Will's case, but he could play up that angle no problem.

    3. Yeah, these guys are actually really lucky that they fucked with Will and not with somebody who would fucking stab them in the face, or blow their brains out. Getting punched in the head is a relatively tame consequence to threatening a drug dealer. And yeah, I doubt Will's boss would fail react to an event like this, and it doesn't matter that he just deals pot. I knew a big-time pot distributor in Boston once, and the dude owned an AK-47 and had some scary friends.

      The reality is that, especially in cities, you can't rise past a certain level as a drug dealer without being ready for violence*. I'm pretty sure Will has acknowledged this reality in past arcs, and mentioned that some of his previous bosses have been pretty scary.

      *The only alternative is to be incredibly paranoid and selective with your clients, and even then you're in a dangerous line of work. Will delivers weed to strangers, and if a drug dealer did this in reality, the scenario we're about to see in this arc would've already happened years ago.


    More action in Octopus Pie. I'm more excited than delirious coke-addict in a snowstorm.

  10. squanchy party bro

  11. "[…] and I want to be quiet? is an interesting choice of words. Poor Will, just longing for a simple, calmer life.


  13. Let's Get Ready to RRRRRUUUMMBLE~!

  14. Comic #666 incoming. Tonite we dine in etc….

  15. Those guys are so dead. Don’t they realize that Will’s the best fighter in the provinc-

    Oh, right- scruff. I was thinking that other guy.

  16. Atta boy Will. With this many probable opponents in a crowded area, your head, elbows, fists, and knees will be optimal weapons as well as any furniture or objects not nailed down.

  17. "I came here to kick ass and deliver weed… and I'm all out of weed."

  18. I wonder why they’d pick a fight. I mean, this is Will’s JOB. Like they’re really the first people who tried to skimp out on paying? I think Will knows how to kick butt when he needs to.

  19. Who wants to bet that the cops ARE going to get involved? This probably doesn't end well for Will or for party douches.

    1. Party douches would make out way better than Will if the cops showed up. The witnesses would all claim that Will, the drug dealer, initiated the violence (which he did, technically). Will is carrying a lot of weed in his bag, and all of the witnesses would report that he was the one who brought the weed to the party (which again would be true). Will could actually go to jail, especially if he has prior convictions, which seems probable.

  20. Man why do these douches keep trying?

    Will is the New York king of man-on-man knuckle fighting, fools.

    1. They keep trying because they are drunk, stoned versions of people waiting in line for Starbucks.

  21. Now I remember why I stopped going to parties.

  22. This is going to hell in a pink handbasket. I'm not sure I want to see how this goes.
    …I mean, of course I do, but it's almost painful to watch.

  23. Re: second to last panel…I wish real-life impromptu battles where the other person is talking and descending upon you at the same time would hang in mid-air long enough to break into a counter-move!

  24. Everyone in the fight so far is wearing some kind of v-neck.

    1. Cripes, it's like the worst kind of gang uniform from a Death Wish sequel nobody asked for.

  25. Turnt down for what? [for Will that's what unless you want to get beat down]

  26. Fingernails officially gone.

  27. Bottle boy's been more than usually stupid.

    The odds look pretty bad even for a well trained unarmed fighter; best way out I could think of would be to try to hurt one of them very badly and hope to intimidate the rest. Will having a (broken) bottle would change the dynamic very fast, because a mess of jagged glass with a handle is naturally pretty damn intimidating. He might even get paid.

  28. Yeah Will! Let's see those climber arms in action!

  29. The cops get called on Will- he goes to Hanna who is also a fugitive from the art destruction arc and they go on the run. Meredith Gran ends OP and spins them off in an a ironic Thelma and Louise- drama comic

  30. Will LeBlanc Versus the World would be an interesting side comic. Even if it were mostly just "people keep doing stupid shit and Will ends up involved and has to beat the shit out of people. Again."

  31. Kill 'em all! Kill 'em all! Kill 'em all! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! (Maniacal laughter)

  32. So THIS is the Drug World's version of Black Friday.

  33. He made that dude cry! Hahahahaaha I love that! Because. Its one thing if he had just like. If he had really hurt him? But no the guy is just a wussy I love that.


  34. Hardly LeBlancs first stint with fist-to-face communication. At least this time he doesn't have a helmet to beat with! Although he was offered an exit when the guy asked how much he owed.

  35. YES!! DESTROY!! GO, GO, WILL!!

  36. YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!

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