#664 – don’t touch me

FOLKS! I'm off to TCAF tomorrow! Here's where you can find me: ALL WEEKEND: Table 272 I will have OCTOPUS PIE: DEAD FOREVER books, original art, and some other merch! Feel free to bring/buy stuff for me to sign. SATURDAY: 11am-12pm: Coming of Age: The Internet Generation Round about ten years ago, the internet radically altered how comics creators worked, discovered new work, and made friends with their contemporaries. “Webcomics,” once a ubiquitous term, has now splintered into a dozen different methods of digital comics, and socializing is more omnipresent than ever! We check in with six cartoonists who started making comics online at about the same time, to see where they’re at, the avenues open to cartoonists, and how the next generation might be able to follow in their footsteps. Featuring Kate Beaton (Hark A Vagrant), Meredith Gran (Octopus Pie), Tom McHenry (noncanon), Phil McAndrew (Crying In Front Of Your Dog),  Jess Fink (We Can Fix It), Ryan Pequin (Three Word Phrase), and KC Green (Gunshow). Moderated by Robin Brenner (No Flying, No Tights). SEE YOU THERE!

69 thoughts on “#664 – don’t touch me

  1. I always wondered what happened to people in Will's situation… Meredith please don't let this end badly for him (I like Will! even if he makes bad decisions)

    1. Most drug dealers would never put themselves in this sort of position in the first place. But if a dealer is willing to deliver drugs to your party without even really knowing you very well, it is probably extremely inadvisable to fuck with him.

      1. I get the feeling Will was unaware of said party when he showed up. He checks the building for who he's going to and then looks up at the party and says "Great", which is why I think he wasn't expecting this.

        1. Goatse Fanfiction

          To put it another way: any drug dealer who's willing to do home deliveries and not just bail when you spring bullshit on him is like a magical goddamn weed fairy whose brief and wondrous innocence should not be further defiled by your douchedom.

  2. Nonononono just get the hell out of there Will! D:

  3. These party bros are making my skin crawl ugh! I hope Will makes it out okay.

  4. What a bunch of party fuckers!

  5. Good ol' Will

  6. Will is gonna get a beating because the universe is unfair and people are jerks.

  7. Maybe don't be a dick to your dealer? That's like…drugs 101.

  8. Never try to get one over a dealer.

  9. Yes, punching!



  11. Oh no Will
    Will, oh no

  12. A wholly reasonable response when one is surrounded by bro nation.

    1. one exception is basement bros but they only require some food, so situations like this one rarely arise if at all

  13. I like how nathan brings the old will's beard back. Anyway, he's a dick.

    Also, hi again, big pupils girl!

  14. Cue up the Streets of Rage 2 soundtrack, shit's gettin' real.

    1. I don't know if the original ost would fit. Maybe this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8G5zMoro28

  15. Bug-eyed bun girl is still there, being all cute and stuff.

  16. …yeah, telling a drug dealer with breathtaking anger management issues and few qualms about beating the shit out of people that he "can't involve the cops" is a fucking terrible idea.

    Will's gonna go ham on a whole roomful of entitled, awful hipsters. I can feel it.

    1. And we're going to CHEER.

  17. "I know violence isn't the answer. I got it wrong on purpose!"

  18. I love how Will's shirt is altered slightly so he can move easily

  19. Oh man.

    Look, bro. I mean you, the bro. You don't mess with people on Will's line of work. Take that as friendly advice.

    Oh, the heck talking to characters in the comic will do, eh? I'll just grab the pop corn, this is gonna get good.

    1. I don't know if these guys belong to the Bro genus so much as most of them belong to Douchebagerus Hipsterii. Note the mating cap on the one, and the wife beater on the guy who touches Will is clearly meant to be ironic.

  20. You go Will! Also, isn't messing with drug dealers like, kinda of a stupid idea?

  21. I love how the guy at the Weed Party is telling the drug dealer to pick better life choices.

  22. Man you don’t talk shit to your dealer, especially when your dealer is Will “work for food” LeBlanc.

  23. i hope will pulls out a gun and gets really hardcore drug dealer on all these yuppies.

    but it would turn out to be a fake gun! because wills not a gangsta like that.

  24. Commence windmilling.

  25. The weed scene is just too real for Will these days

  26. I guess you get bitchy customers on power trips over people they consider beneath them in pretty much any service job. if only this could've been my response when I was in retail.


  28. Will has just been forced to touch the scum he daily serves. All of the terrible evil and mediocrity he's seen has finally become tangible. My friend the camel calls this the last straw.

  29. I think Will may end up deciding a career change is in order.

    1. Either that, or he'll have to introduce a strict "no dudebros allowed, ever" policy to his customers.

  30. Will! My man! That's exactly how I act and I'm not a drug dealer. What? Anger management issues? You mean that's not how normal people react when they are touched? Uh-oh… I think I have a problem… 🙁

    1. All the other people are abnormal.

  31. Will is not having any of your sass, party bro. NONE OF IT.

  32. Find myself hoping Will does some wreck on these hipster douchebro assholes' lifescapes. They actually have more to lose than he does if cops come crashing. However,

    1) There's more of them than him even though he's straight and they're drunk
    2) His bag o' stuff is still on the table wide open
    3) There's a barricade of denim-tearing metal bikes zombie-blocking the only real exit out of the apartment

    Can't wait for the next episode!

  33. Does anyone want to hazard a guess at how much money Nathan does owe Will for this delivery? It doesn't look like that big of a bag to me. Are dealers that will deliver to your door so common in NYC that you should burn your bridges with one just to score a free dime-bag? Seems stupid and short-sighted, even if the dealer wasn't eager to throw elbows. Or is my idea of the valuation of this product way, way off?

    1. No, I think Mer is painting these guys are humongous assbags.

    2. Surprisingly, science has found that drunk dudebros will make terrible decisions roughly 97.6% of the time.

  34. Will, get out of the retail business.

  35. Police? Uh, I’d be far more scared of pissing off a dealer than the police. Just wow, the lack of logic on this guy. Drug trade polices itself. You’re lucky if stealing drugs doesn’t come back to you within the HOUR, much less the day. I’m not sure how realistic I’m going to find this, if Will’s supplier doesn’t get someone out to Bro-man’s house to knock some sense into him. I knew someone in college, who had their EYELID sliced open for threatening a dealer, whom they owed money.

    1. These guys are under the impression that Will gets screwed over if they don't pay. Which is incredibly stupid just for the fact that it makes no sense.

  36. I wouldn't mind watching Will feed stubblebro his own Orlando shirt.

  37. They seek, he destroys !!

    Just to know, does anybody know if the comic Dead Forever have been sent ? Since Meredith bring book to the convention, i think so, but i want to know approximately when i can receive it ^^ (The joy to not live close to america)

  38. Oh shit. Looks like like it's time for Will to "deal."

  39. TCAF TODAY!!!! *excites* (totally attempting to make B & B oat cakes to bring….)

  40. Kick ass Will!
    Throw all the bikes (in the hallway)

  41. I'm guessing that: since Will has an illegal + sometimes dangerous job, that he is very good at knocking out dimwitted goobs in a fight.

    I guess that he is good at kicking one butt, and that he is also good at kicking MANY butts in any fight.

  42. Simply put, these party goers are lucky they don't get killed. While I know Will doesn't do so, other dealers carry guns and will use them. These geniuses are the lucky ones. Oh, and Will knows where he can find them again, so beating up a drug dealer who knows where he can get revenge is NOT a good idea….

  43. Two things:

    One, I am very happy to see Will again. For all of his flaws, he's always been a favorite of mine, and I had partially resigned myself to the possibility of him being less of a presence in future story arcs due to him being more distant with Eve and Hannna. Now let's just hope he doesn't get beaten to a pulp…

    Two, I am really digging the composition of that center panel. It really tells you all you need to know, and captures the tenseness of the situation (as well as the varying reactions to what is going on). I may have said this before, but Meredith, you have some excellent skills in composition/the art/etc.

  44. I knew a drug dealer who used to have this problem, so he started carrying around a sword while he was on the job. Shortly, he stopped having this problem.

  45. TLDR:: depends

    Quality and concentration varies greatly. Ive seen bags that size, that in todays dollars would be 80-100. If its your avg weed, shake or something you roll in a spliff, then no.

    But if its fresh green bud that smells like floral mint, ozzing with resin and visible red crystals, and two hits off a pipe would get you stoned all night and make the walls shimmer, then it might make sense for the delivery, the price , and wills reaction

    1. They look like fresh buds in little clear cases to me. I’ve seen those from people who get medicinal marijuana (https://www.pioneerplastics.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/048c.jpg) You can see on the table that they’re standing up in little cubes. He recently (relatively) told Hannah that he had sold her this amazing stuff. Remember? It was a foreshadow to her inability to get high. She called him up and asked him what kind of crap he’d sold her, and he told her it should’ve been knocking her on her ass, or something to that effect. So I’m guessing that Will deals in very good products, mostly, and not so much shake.

  46. I like how you can see him roll up his sleeves. cause when a customer has an issue, you have to serve him a piece of ass aparently…..but its alluring me back to the time when will was telling eve this is all an act….#he better act like he kicks ass or he'll get pinched…..

  47. Larry will be so sad to have missed out. 🙁

  48. These are a bunch of party bro's who have been drinking and relaxing all night. Will is a guy on edge who has been doing this kind of shit for a living for a while.

    Will's going to catch a beating but everyone involved is going to regret pushing him. With any luck he'll cause a bunch of property damage to "Orlando's" apartment and he'll have to explain to Mom and Dad how the guy he bought weed from broke the LCD they bought him.

  49. That feel when you realize comic #666 is headed for an utter clusterfuck for poor Will.

  50. Oh my gosh! I just read "OCTOPUS PIE: DEAD FOREVER" and I felt like fainting!!! Then I read the whole paragraph and understood. Meredith, what a way to scare the hell out of people!

  51. That is one hell of an elbow! It was so good, I went and started playing Guile's Theme in the background.

  52. When was the last time we saw Will lose his temper like this? Then ren. fair arc?

  53. why would he give the weed first before getting the money!?

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