#663 – the fun fucker

TCAF in Toronto is coming up, and YES I'm going to be there! I'll be upstairs at Table 272. I'm told I'll also be getting copies of OCTOPUS PIE: DEAD FOREVER just in the nick of time for the show. Excited and Nervous! I will also be on a panel, which I will write about before the weekend. SOON!

29 thoughts on “#663 – the fun fucker

  1. ok, ok, i'll give you a discount for being late. unfortunately, i have to charge you for being difficult to get to & difficult to find, so it evens out.

    1. I absolutely LOVE how this guy thinks he gets a discount because Will had to attend to other customers before him.

  2. As somebody with bug eyes, I like to entertain the idea that the girl with the enormous pupils just looks like that, and not that she's high or anything. She's kind of adorable.

    1. Bug-eyed club!

    2. I imagined her as a girl with manga-esque eyes. Like… Linda Evangelista

    3. I think it's Shoshanna from HBO's Girls.

  3. Fun doesn't want to put out tonight. Fun had a hard work day and just wants to cuddle. And I am respectful of Fun's decision.

  4. Will still has not gotten his temper under control and it's my favorite thing about him.

  5. "I brought the weed, you can't say shit like that to me."

  6. The spotify DJ…I don’t want to live in this world anymore.

  7. You have called Will's party skills into question. You are about to be punched.

  8. Record Scratch? Is that when the situation is weird and it sounds "brrszzzcrreeech!"? That's funny!!

  9. the sad sad fact that there is a record player right there…and they digitally made the scratch 🙁 pure hatred for the future club scene

    1. Maybe he didn't want to wreck the vinyl? A sudden scratch can't be good for a record.

      1. thistemporarylifeblog

        C'mon. Let's be fair here. That DJ ain't no DJ. He's DJing from Spotify. That guy doesn't even OWN records.

  10. That DJ!

  11. Uh oh. Will DID punch a guy in the renaissance unfair-type story. I think tank-top-guy needs to back off + be quiet for awhile. 🙂

    1. I'm kind of looking forward to seeing Will beat the crap out of Tank Top, because I want to do the same thing. People like that make me….angry.

      1. Looks like you got your wish!

  12. Why do I have a feeling that this is when Will throws his hands up in the air and says "Fuck drug dealing, there's got to be better ways to make a living!"

    He just looks so DONE.

  13. ** Happy place, Will… Happy place, Will… **

    1. Does Will HAVE a happy place?

  14. Dealing with drunks in a service capacity is hell on Earth.

  15. i found a record scratch on spotify, version 7. spotify:track:0ogYWRzBdN34scVlruOCgg

  16. I…I actually know a guy who has every NOW cd.

  17. Oh god, my sides after getting to the DJ guy. Meredith, you are a goddess of comedy.

  18. I've got a baaad feeling that this could deteriorate quickly.

  19. Will, Kick some ass!

  20. "C'mon dude. I could have ordered from anyone."

    "Please do. Bye."

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