#635 – we’ll hang though

The CRACKS!!! Panel 1 is a further reference to Olly's business eventually burning down. I haven't kept track very well of how many there have been. Eve's reaction in panel 4 hurts a bit - it's a real turn. Instead of being insulted by a blanket insult that includes her choice to stay, she smiles patiently and moves on. It's a gift we eventually give the young, assuming we've accepted our age - one we gradually realize has been given to us for a very long time.

7 thoughts on “#635 – we’ll hang though

  1. It's amazing how 'Hit me up on Facebook' dates this more than anything in dozens of strips. A 22yo, especially like Jacob, would only say that ironically now.

    1. Obligatory "fuck Mark Zuckerberg".

    2. Instagram is owned by facbook tho, so ultimately same shit different name …

  2. Wait, further reference? There was an earlier one? I’m as impressed as anything that you’d already had it planned at this point in the story though

  3. In hindsight, what makes Eve stay once it's just her and Olly? She grows a lot as a person throughout the comic, but we never see her seek out a better job, and Olly is well established to be a bad employer. What's keeping her there?

    1. It's a stable job that she knows how to do well, I imagine.

  4. She's the store manager. She feels responsible for Ollie. The work defines her. So she stays.

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