#622 – that’s so easy

Maybe setting up a tent was harder in the late 20th century when all those comedies about how hard camping is were made. This is honestly one of my favorite parts of it, and I don't personally fault Mar for sitting out the setup and just enjoying. I forgot to put a word balloon tail on Mar's dialogue in the last panel! I believe it was fixed for the book.

4 thoughts on “#622 – that’s so easy

  1. Maybe that should be, "Didn't think to bring your damn own chairs, huh?"

    Golden rule of camping. You think ahead to bring the chair, you damn well get to sit in it.

  2. This is the upside of you moving to a bigger drawing page for me. All the little details! Maybe you were going 'what a pain in the ass' but I really like these panels all on their own, even if the text bubbles were removed.

  3. All this time I thought Hannah said “bought one of THOSE chairs huh”, like she was passive-aggressively judging her for bringing the comfy foldy-drink-holdy chair. But just read it properly as “just ONE of those chairs”, ribbing her for only bringing one for herself. Different flavor, still annoyed.

  4. As a tallish guy whose “2 person” tent is juuust big enough for me, I don’t want to ruin things for Eve. She is basking in the glory of being not-at-all tall right now.

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