#621 – kewl

Eve as parent, Eve as child. More than anyone she moves freely between roles in this story, neither one being quite comfortable.

2 thoughts on “#621 – kewl

  1. These pages have such a looming sadness to them, especially concerning Hanna. These next few arcs actually.

  2. For me, “we’re just building little nests in the ruins of our parent’s dreams” captures so well that particular part of being a millennial; the feeling of class stagnation, of uncertain futures and constantly shoring up sagging self-esteem. A bit of irony and a bit of resignation, but also a bittersweet acceptance and determination to make the best of it, a knowledge that there will be room to grow.

    To me, this arc feels like where OP fully grows into the emotional maturity that it expresses for the remainder of the series; perhaps this is because it’s where I am in life and can’t see further developments in maturity from my standpoint.

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