#623 – whap

Have I mentioned in the comments that I'm generally the sleepiest friend? I'm always out on the couch while the night roars on, though my friends have started catching up to me in that regard. This is Eve's most visual Baby moment in the story, where she's lulled to sleep by acceptance and camaraderie. The cracks are already there, but does she see them? Are they invisible or is she simply ignoring them?

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  1. Puget Sean's cringe-y pining after a very disinterested Mar is certainly quite visible. It's just as uncomfortable as the first time around.

    1. Yeah, it's super uncomfortable and incredibly true to life – especially the way it drags on and won't die!

      Every so often I go back and read the comments from when it was posted first time and the arguments in the comments over whether Puget Sean is just being Nice and whether Marigold is at fault for "leading him on" are also super uncomfortable and incredibly true to life.

    2. Part of me wonders why no one within the friend group comments on this. If it's so obvious, why don't Hanna, Marek, or Eve check in with Mar to see if she's comfortable? Or check in with Puget Sean about his intentions?

      1. I would imagine because MG wanted OP to portray real situations that people struggle with and complex characters with flaws that may or may not define them. If everyone consistently did the most right thing, the most progressive thing, without failure, it would be a very different comic.

    3. Interesting. I don't see it as cringe-y. I'm ~pissed~ at him and worried for her. She can't fucking believe this is happening again but she doesn't feel like she can push him off without ruining the night for everyone, which she feels she doesn't have the right to do.

      He needs to take his damn hand off her waist. He's being a dick.

      It's also so sad to me that she is *out of college* and still dealing with this. To me it's a high school problem, because by my second year of college I could peel a dude's hand off me without hesitation or apology, and I advocated for my friends feel empowered and supported to do the same.

      Hanna seems like the ideal avatar for this. Is she not taking action for plot reasons, so we can see conflict unfurl unimpeded between Marigold and Sean? Or is she blind to it for some reason? It seems like it would be the ideal thing to distract her from what's happening with Marek, and she does love her distractions. . .

      1. Late comment ahoy!

        I very much like your insights and how you talk about your past. Empowering people to have enough self-respect to gently fight to keep people out of their personal space is fantastic, and so necessary.

        More related to the story though! (Be advised: Some Spoilers ahead.)
        I think Hanna would have stepped in if she weren't in the middle of losing control. She has no control over the eventual fate of her relationship with Marek, and she saw her control over Marigold waver several times in the recent (ish) past. Maybe she's being vindictive about that loss of control and seeing Marigold as 'not her problem' anymore.

  2. I just realized that Hannah and Marek are sitting on different logs, technically next to each other even though a wide space is open between them.

    In my defense, I've always been super-slow on the uptake about things like this.

    1. No, I was going to point out the same thing. They don't actually directly interact in this arc until one of the last pages.

  3. Jeez, this just makes me wanna go camping. Minus the relationship angst.

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