#620 – my old human child

I love the autumnal pages. There are a few years of drawing OP in the fall that are very close to me. I can remember where I was sitting, the configuration of my workspace, the walks I took to get away from my desk. I tried as often as possible to insert the characters into the season with me. As the characters move into another stage of life we get closer to the parents. The adult children pick at them with actual questions about their lives, before and away from kids, with varying success. My son has a sweater with a very similar-looking picture of a dog on it, who is also wearing a sweater. He's just about grown out of it - just as he's become cognizant of the image - which breaks my heart. How fleeting it all is!

3 thoughts on “#620 – my old human child

  1. HAHAHA, I think Eve in panel 6 is a reference to one of your tweets, something like 'turns toward the camera" "A DOG!" which is one of my favorite jokes youve done and which I still think to myself whenever I see "A DOG!"

    1. Is it like these moments from "UP!" movie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Faa2dHJNFqQ

  2. Personal headcanon is that Eve can see where Hannah's dad is going with this and is making a last-second attempt at diversion.

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