#616 – just for a second

Guys this story is ALMOST over! There's just one more update, and it's down to the line whether I'll make it in time before Comic Con. REGARDLESS, I will be taking the week of Comic Con off for... Comic Con. And updates will resume after that. Reminder: ART SALE! This offer will run until Monday and then it's OVER.

24 thoughts on “#616 – just for a second

  1. Eve is just the best.

  2. Actual intimacy. Beauty!

  3. Why do I get a feeling that I'm going to cry at the next page.

  4. And the art style continues to evolve!

  5. I don't know who said that last line, so I'm not sure if I should be all "Noo, dude, the moment has past, don't do that" or "Aww, girl, you're so nice for trying".

  6. Wisdom Bitch is on the case

    1. Support Your Local Wisdom Bitch

  7. Why do I get the feeling that I'm going to cry at the next page?

  8. I'm thinking that I wish that eighth panel was a little bit longer D:

  9. Poor Clark, too busy being a super hero to have a personal life.

  10. "Get laid – check".

  11. They look really awkward. And not in a cute way. 's not looking good, Eve.

    I have this mini rant on something that I want to write down before I'm not able to pinpoint again. Ever since that "Eve fails at watching porn" joke, I have loved Eve's sexuality and how it's expressed.
    She's sexual, but far from an intentional sex symbol. It's different from a lot of comics out there. So much so that it makes Eve almost look like an antihero of sorts, except for the fact that it's a realistic interpretation of how many women's social lives are, and most comics are unable to find that perfect medium, either being too self-righteous or sex-centered.
    The more things Eve does wrong, the more imperfect she is, the more I love her. The more real she feels, which I'm guessing is the point. I do hope some shit comes around for her though. Thanks, Meredith.

    1. akward? I'd say it looks real and intimate,

  12. Everytime I read, I see my own life ahaha

  13. Has the force of Wisdom Bitch's Bitch Wisdom blown Clark's glasses off his face 'twixt panels 6 and 7? Or has Clark merely decided the situation calls for some (admittedly low-key) superheroics? Find out next time, on Hot Bawls Do I Love This Strip And All Its Stuff And Characters (that's not the real name of the strip.)

  14. I'm a bit surprised and, honestly, touched by the turn things are taking here, especially considering how awkward things got two comics ago. Nicely done.

  15. Meredith has mastered the tension breaking art of the hover text.

  16. carefully placed leg

  17. Eve in panel 9 looks like she's out of the Family Circus. I kept lookin at it tryin to place it, then it clicked.

  18. I have been reading the whole thing from the beginning (for the first time) for the past couple of weeks. It's been so wonderful to have the "next" arrow be there for me all this time while everyone else in the comments waited in suspense… but today… there was no "next" arrow! I was so confused for a second until I actually looked at the date of the strip. Let the suspense commence!

  19. Ladies, never ask your man what he's thinking – I assure you whatever it is it's dumber and more inane than you can possibly imagine.

  20. Fuck, I finally read everything. I started a few days ago. This comic is awesome, this is what I wold call an Urban Epica. I loved it, all of the arcs, all of the characters, even the ones that are assholes. You are great Meredith Gran, you are so great. The best greeting from Peru.

  21. i read ALL in like 2 days -.- ALL because i stumbled upon it on the internet! and NOW its OVER?! NOOOOOOOOOOOO

  22. Oh Clark took off his glasses. He is now Superman. XD

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