#615 – it gets hot in here

Did you guys know I'll be at San Diego Comic Con this year? It's true, I go every year! Please come find me at the Dumbrella Booth (#1337... yeah really) and I will gleefully sign Octopus Pie and Marceline books for you. Original art for the Flea Market Sale is quickly dwindling, so I will probably conclude the sale in the next few days. Get a page while you can!

30 thoughts on “#615 – it gets hot in here

  1. Least he took his socks off.

    1. Why wouldn't he?

      1. She kept her dress on, I feel like socks wouldn't be out of order at that point if you wanted to keep them.

      2. "Never socks before pants. Makes a man look scary, like a chicken."

  2. Jeez. I've been there.

  3. Ah, not stopping at terrible make-outs

  4. When its too hot to fuck, its too hot.

    1. This person speaks the absolute truth.

  5. Mmmm, the awkward is palpable. I'm really impressed, Meredith, by your ability to capture moments like these with such honesty. Your skill at conveying the complex feelings in these situations is quite admirable.

  6. too drunk to fuck. too hot to fuck

  7. Not feeling as horny as i was reading the previous page. You ruined it for me, dear author.

    1. He jests at scars that never felt a wound.

      Romeo, there's a big internet. Why stop here to complain about not being horny, when that's time that could be spent getting horny?

      1. give 'im a break. dude's hurting

  8. moments like this is why I quit it with the adderal

    1. God this. Nothing worse than realizing your lucky, random make-out can't go any further because you can't get it up

  9. "He can't be riding you as hard as you've been riding me".
    Say this, Eve. Say it.

    1. that must've been the dirty alt text meredith wanted us to write

  10. Ha, I hope I'm not the only one hearing Dead Kennedys right now.

  11. I love how you draw all your uh "intimate" moments, there is something so honest and real about them, everything looks natural and very human

  12. Gerd dermmit man! You have fingers! You have a tongue! Don't leave your lady unsatisfied!

    1. +69…

  13. Hi Ms. Gran!
    Love your webcomic and your work on Adventure Time! I'll be sure to stop by at SDCC and say hi (and buy stuff)! 🙂

  14. Blegggh the sticky, disappointing ick is captured so well.

  15. why is he the only one naked?

  16. I'm sure it was mind blowing up until the heatstroke.

  17. tulipsandbluebonnets

    I feel the Poor Eve, but I also feel the Poor Clark too. He's been so focused on his career that he hasn't let loose and had fun and really connected with friends, and when he finally has a chance to, he's analyzing and interviewing everyone the entire time, he's too socially awkward to read Eve's body language, so when she makes it clear, he just launches into her, but he's so drunk or hot or awkward or whatever else that it's ultimately not that satisfying or connected and, and here he is, back focused on work again! I'd just love to see him relax and enjoy himself without analyzing it all to death. Who knows, maybe he even sees the drunken hook-up as something else he can write about, as part of this culture's experiences.

  18. man this comic always finds new ways to be awesome.

  19. Man. I love how the intensity of the sex panels are juxtaposed with how friggin' awkward they both are.

  20. First panel is extremely hot. Not just literally.

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