#614 – what else

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76 thoughts on “#614 – what else

  1. Huh, guess so!

  2. Haha! Panels 2&3, that's the best seductive leg-cross I've ever seen. Everything perfectly drawn, not an awkward drunken eyebrow out of place.

  3. The guy can take a hint. It just needs to be a really big one.

    1. I dunno, at some point, taking furtive glances at the crossword solution when you're stuck becomes straight-up copying all the answers. They were well past hint territory.

    2. Light bends around that guy, he's so dense

    3. It is not a fun way to be. 🙁 I'm like "huh, I'm about 96% sure she's coming on to me, but if I go for it and I'm wrong I will be so embarrassed I will have to change my name and move to a different country and then kill myself there. So…better play it safe."

      Not a recipe for getting lucky.

      1. I feel this, way too hard. A girl could probably deep-throat a cucumber in front of me and I would probably still be "BUT AM I REALLY SURE?!"

        … Course, sexual anxiety also doesn't help BUT THAT'S A DIFFERENT MATTER

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh YES!!!!!!

  5. Goddammit, Clark… not even I could ruin a flirtation that badly

  6. I can’t tell if that’s a “*finally*” face, or a “Welp officially no longer interested” face in the last panel there.

    1. I'm betting on "oh dear lord this boy is a terrible kisser".

      1. Yeah I've made that face before.

        1. She's got her legs around him, her eyes softly half-closed, with one arm in a relaxed pose, and the other on his shoulder. Yay for kinestheics, she's enjoying a romantic encounter! It does look a little awkward with him bracing his arm like that, but I believe they're in the middle of moving into a more comfortable position.

      2. Maybe a dash of "eh, fuck it; I'm horny."

    2. they look like “aw yiss“ eyes to me.

  7. ahhahaha its funny! The last image its the best ever!

    Meredith, how do u draw? Do u use some kind of program? You draw first on the paper and scan to pc?


  8. Totally called it. Guess that dude who got all snotty with me at the beginning of this chapter owes me a big, fat apology. As pertains to the comic: Eve + Clark = super cute, but it’ll never work. Oh Eve, when will you find love?!

  9. Ah, terrible makeouts

  10. eve no! this will end the badlys!

  11. eve is a sluuuuut

    1. lol k

      1. I meant to thumb up and I accidentals the wrong button!

    2. Obviously, as is any women who enjoys anything other than cooking and being very, very, very quiet. Simply another case of hysterics, exacerbated by the vapors and Clarks' healthy male sex drive.

  12. Smoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo- (deep breath) -ooooooooooooooooooooth.

  13. The 2nd and 3rd panels of Eve trying to be 'seductive' might be the best things you've ever drawn Meredith.

    1. There are many contenders for that title <3

    2. thank you it was fun

    3. I would agree, but the words 'dick pulp' spring inexorably to mind…

  14. It looks like he's giving her mouth-to-mouth, and not in a sexy way.

  15. Open eyed kissing, never a great sign.

  16. *croooooossss*

  17. The eyes are perfect in panels 1-8

  18. Still laughing at the sexy leg cross 😀

  19. Jeez, is she a woman or a cheeseburger? Cool your jets, Clark. She already likes you.

    Clark…a reporter…

    …Is he Superman?

    1. I did notice that he has very Superman-y hair.

  20. Love that classic case of surprised toe wiggle in the seventh panel.

  21. Aww it looks like he's doing the staring thing guys do where they're trying to appear Really Intense but end up coming across a bit slow. Unfortunate. But B+ for effort.

  22. Awkward seductress, meet clueless seducee. Clueless seducee, please commence clumsy attempts at makeout now.

    1. No kidding. He didn't even take his glasses off; a major make-out faux pas.

  23. Oh man, Panels 2 & 3 with Eve flirting… and then those last two. Brilliance!

  24. Personally, I’m starting to get really sick of the whole “new kid on the block = regrettable Eve hookup” that’s been the last few months worth of story arcs.

    Anything else, maybe?

    1. no

      1. thank goodness, ive invested a fortune on "unversatile in love" eve pirated t shirts and watermelon stands

    2. Oh no, what if this whole comic is a version of HIMYM with Eve as Ted?!?! God help us all.

    3. Because life is never like that, right? OH, wait, it SO is.

  25. Dem LEGS! 8D Nobody crosses their legs like Seductive Eve <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  26. Wooooooow Eve. Well, you get what you wish for. Ha!

  27. Man, I can only hope this turns out well.
    It probably won't.
    But they would be pretty cute, and cutely unfortunate!

    1. Eve's getting some! That's one thing that's turning out well already ^^

  28. Everyone has caught a terminal case of the awkwards.

  29. I can relate with Clark here far more than I want to admit ;____;

  30. third panel made me think of Tex Avery..Love it

  31. Youth is definitely wasted on the young.

  32. leg so hot

    hot hot leg

    leg so hot u fry an egg

  33. Nice to find a line that works.

  34. It's kind of funny in contrast. Last guy Eve went for was pretty hesitant after she initiated things, and now this guy is mad intense once she gets things going. What will the next guy do?

    I'm tempted to make a "Goldilocks and the Three Guys" joke but that would be crass :p

  35. Hey I didn't give permission for my likeness to be used in this comic.

    1. *Gasp* Are you SUPERMAN?

  36. reading…1st, 2nd panel….3rd panel…..2 min laugh break! THATS what was missing in my myriad of come-ons all these years, idve done quite well with that in my pocket

  37. I started a couple months ago and finally caught up today, and it's my birthday… My long hours of reading thru the archives are over…? noooooooooooooo

    Thanks Meredith though for this lovely comic. I always read it when I needed to feel better and it always worked : ))))

  38. *cross*

  39. Sixth panel… dem eyes… why do you draw eyes so fantastically Mer?

    (I mean, you really should save some of the amazing for the rest of us…)

  40. I'm still shipping eve n will.

  41. the whole comic could have been panels 4-6 and I would have been happy… this is even better!

  42. Is it a new Evark???

  43. This page makes me feel crazy horny, now i want to see them go at it.

    1. best comment

  44. Having been on both sides of this exact situation, I can say that it is one of the most awkward moments you will ever have in your twenty-something year old life

    That, and trying to pay for a two-dollar cup of coffee but realizing that you have no cash and you need to pay rent and the nearest ATM is five blocks away


  45. Struggle snuggle D:

  46. That leg cross in panel 3, tho!

  47. ….and he will eat Eve's face. And he did.

  48. Eve's expression in those two panels is amazing.

  49. Individually, I'm beginning to get really tired of the whole "new kid on the prevent = disappointing Eve hookup" that's been the last few several weeks value of tale arcs.

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