#593 – dick pulp

Happy weekend and Easter everyone! I'm gonna ride my bike and watch a lot of junk on TV.

27 thoughts on “#593 – dick pulp

  1. OK, question: When did Eve acquire Hanna's personality, and Hanna acquire Eve's?

    1. these things periodically happen with housemates

    2. Hannah has always been up in everyone’s business, that’s nothing new.

  2. Yay for riding your bike _and_ for junk TV!


    1. Meredith seems to like embiggening the far eye on someone's face to comic effect.

      Recent examples: http://www.octopuspie.com/2012-03-05/519-the-mosthttp://www.octopuspie.com/2012-04-13/530-the-octo… (panel 2) http://www.octopuspie.com/2012-04-20/531-im-a-bel… (panel 20) http://www.octopuspie.com/2012-05-09/536-youre-a-… (panel 5)

      I approve.

  4. … Dick Pulp is a grand vocabulary term.


  6. You know you're in trouble when you find yourself explaining why, when you look at it a certain way, continuing to sleep with a girl who's told you she has a boyfriend is actually a really healthy and mature thing to do.


      or broken up.

  7. The many faces of Eve Ning.

  8. Eve's sense of maturity is the last thing to boot in her wake up sequence.

  9. Why is eve's hair so good always

  10. Will cut me so deep

  11. meredith how many times did you draw eve in the last panel? cause if you got that on the first try, goddamn

    1. got it on the first try! spontaneity seems to help with goofy drawings.

  12. Hey!

    And the Reuben goes to…

  13. *Waits for Marek to do a naked sleepwalking fridge raid*

  14. I really admire how steadily Will's been handled. I've found his evolution both relatable and believable. These past two strips continue to convince me that you really have an amazing grasp of your character, Mer.

    But with that said, I don't love anything on this planet half as much as DICK PULP and that EVE FACE.

  15. Love me some dick pulp! Also keep up the good work meredith woo!

  16. Kind of a different take on polyandry than Danielle was doing over in her strip not long ago. Maybe Will and Jaimie should fight.

  17. @David

    I dunno. Maybe Hanna and Eve have a habit that: whenever Eve has a vacation, or day off, that Eve + Hanna switch their happy and skeptical roles.

  18. Interesting…Hanna's hair is almost the same way it was in the flashback. Don't know if that was intentional or not…

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