#531 – i’m a believer

April 20th, 2012

#531 – i’m a believer

Here’s a comic you guys! As with all super long comics, I ask that you please don’t hotlink them. My site thanks you.


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  1. Jack C says:

    guh, older siblings always do this…
    In middle school I waited at a bus stop every morning. There was a sewer grate right next to that bus stop.
    For 3 years, every day, I threw sticks and rocks into that sewer grate, because my brother had convinced me that if I didn't an albino alligator would come find me and eat me. One day my brother looked at me, very confused, doing my morning ritual and said, "Why are you doing that?".
    Everything clicked and as I exploded in tears my brother exploded with laughter.
    You understand siblings very well, Gran. Your comic is awesome.

  2. mmkstarr says:

    Such a young age to be swearing. Pretty damn liberal.