#583 – feeling something

24 thoughts on “#583 – feeling something

  1. that inconspicuous blue square looks………… familiar

  2. She's probably just crying because of allergies, mine always act up inside the met for some reason.

  3. is this a coincidence?? http://i.imgur.com/I4fNavi.png

    1. Agh, what? Seriously freaking out right now D:

  4. Is that… no, it can't be… the favicon?

  5. It finally happened Hanna. Reality went all Blue Screen of Death on you! D:

  6. It's the OP fave tag! 😀

  7. And so begins the vacation from sobriety.

  8. this shits about to become meta

  9. lol.. thank you for making my monday with hanna's "mm, mhm, ahh yes's". was actually laughing out loud by panel 3.

  10. There are levels of meaning here that I can't even come close to comprehending.

  11. That's some nice fruit there Gran.

  12. If Hanna touches that blue square it will create a wormhole–that's how science works.

  13. color??? in octopus pie??? dang!!!

  14. Now I can't remember how long the blue square has been around for the website D: Love it!

  15. Why hello there, Yves Klein.

  16. Wait, did Hanna take some shrooms instead of pot brownies? Those dilated pupils are pretty suspicious…

  17. Hanna's blue period.

    1. … she should get a checkup then, hypoxemia can be serious problem …


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