#584 – purpley thing

Oh hey guys, NO BIG DEAL, but my fantastic friend Lacey Micallef did the animation in this page. Lacey is a brilliant artist/animator/designer and one of the funniest people I know on this planet. Go fall in love with her work RIGHT NOW!

37 thoughts on “#584 – purpley thing

  1. Oh God, she actually is about to break the fourth wall, isn't she?

  2. Hanna jumps into the painting and BOOM – comic is in colour from now on.

    1. Or at the very least, purple-y blue.

    2. That would be so AWESOME!!!!

    3. I kinda hope that doesn't happen. OP is one of the best examples of black and white comic art out there.

  3. coolest collab ever

    i stare at this comic with the same awe hanna harbors toward the Mystical Blue Square

    im going to imagine she falls through and then travels through pixel versions of some of the met's classics

    this storyline is great

  4. This reminds me of Take on Me by A-ha lol

  5. Yep, looks like modern art to me.

  6. this is trippy as balls

  7. Just noticed the change in the favicon to a purpley square. Nice touch.

  8. I'll be honest. This comic is best seen while a little buzzed.

  9. I hope she does break the 4th wall and falls out of my screen and we can get high together and watch dumb movies. I think that would be a nice holiday for her.

  10. It really DID take a while to kick in! I guess Will didn't sell Hanna a bag of dicks after all.

  11. this one's beautiful! thanks for the regular updates, they are a great source of happiness.

  12. Those brownies really are working.

  13. Art + dope! 😀 How come I didn't think of that? Must try it some day!

  14. Don't get yourself in trouble, Hanna. You're not supposed to touch the paintings.

  15. My god. It's full of stars!

    1. Argh, you beat me to it.

  16. AAAAHHH!!!

  17. It's just like Magical Game Time!

  18. Let's check the favicon when next comic comes out

  19. *involuntarily making a "wummm wummm wummm wummm wummm wummm" sound*

  20. …no words…there are no words…they should've sent a poet…

  21. The best part is the synchronized glowing

  22. She's going to Jump through it and end up on Bob-omb Battlefield.

  23. I smell a Nyan Hanna meme happening…

  24. Greg, what have you done??

  25. This is an Yves Klein, right?

  26. I love how fearless you make her here.

  27. Pretty sparkles… must… keep… staring…

  28. The weed takes a while to kick in

  29. anyone else think that the 584 was supposed to be a pantone number at first instead of the episode number? I was all like "wait, that's more like somewhere between 660 and 666"

  30. Don't touch it, don't touch it! Lol

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