#582 – definitely not

Aaah I drew so many comics this week! It felt good. Hope everyone had a nice or at least pleasantly uneventful V-Day. I called my mom and ate chicken.

26 thoughts on “#582 – definitely not

  1. Panel 1: I always felt like a major part of cartooning was getting as much expression into as few lines as possible – this is a prime example. Take notes!

  2. Hey, I sneak twizzlers into the theater, why not snacks here!

  3. Oh, Hanna. Maybe the real vacation you need… is from drugs.

    P. S. Is this something people actually do? Carry around weed in the form of baked goods so they can get high in public? Is that even what’s happening, or am I totally misreading this strip? This is making me feel like such a square.

    1. hey, its greg from your class, just letting you know ur favicon is still the blue square, bye

      1. hey Greg. I figured I’d leave it, as it’s a pretty chill square!

    2. it's more pleasant than it sounds

    3. I don't think you're misreading it.

    4. that's what I see happening here

    5. Wow, that actually didn't occur to me. I was seriously thinking, "okay, so she's eating food in the museum, which I guess might be against the rules…"

      I am just as square as you, I suppose. The hardest drug I ever did in my wild youth was Warheads candy.

      1. When I was in college, I spent a good number of hours high, but I've never eaten or even seen a pot brownie, ever. I didn't even know people still made them anymore. I always figured they were some relic of a bygone era, like something people did in the '60s and '70s, which is why this strip threw me for a loop.

        That said, it was a pretty strong hint that she pulled the food out of a small plastic bag that also contains what is very clearly weed. Hanna's paranoid glances while she very slowly and deliberately chews the food also help.

        1. Definitely used to make and sell pot brownies at tam tams on the weekend in Montreal. The pot brownie lives (or did five years ago)!

        2. No, they're still very much alive. There was one summer where pretty much all my weed got baked into something, usually brownies

        3. I think there was a policeman in 2006 who ate some pot brownies he and his wife made from confiscated pot and then called 911 because he thought that he and his wife died.

          "I think we're dead. I really do."

      2. Oh god, I recently found Warheads in a drugstore and ate them until I got burns in my mouth. My mouth literally started watering when I read your comment.

  4. She looks upset she's even doing drugs at this point. Wonder if that's where we're going here…

    Or is she upset that Will isn't with her?

  5. Yup. Although, I live in Toronto (where people also smoke openly in the streets, despite it being entirely illegal) but I doubt it's that much different in New York.

  6. If the drawn-out chhheewww is a nod to Lackadaisy, then much love. If not, then much love anyway, because it's the best sound effect.

  7. As someone who just recently stopped using a nearly fifteen year old student ID to get discount movie prices: good job Hanna. Adulthood = Paying The Sticker Price, Darnit.

  8. It's always super embarrassing when I accidentally eat my pot brownies in public.

  9. as someone who attends an arts high school with many a stoner, i can safely tell you other commenters that yes, pot brownies are still A Thing

  10. Hanna is like that Britney Spears song–she's not a girl who can't afford to pay the full donation at the Met, but she's not yet a woman who can get through the museum itself without pot cookies.

  11. museums are always incalculably better with weed

  12. As long as it's not a brownout biscuit, it'sallgoooooood.

  13. Is THIS how extroverts act when they're alone? (This whole arc, I mean)

    Have we seen Hanna alone before?

  14. Is Hanna originally from the city? I don't think I know any New Yorkers who have ever paid full price at the Met.

    1. Those of us who think it's worth supporting, do!

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