#580-581 – dude, what

Double comic paage! Come back Friday.

44 thoughts on “#580-581 – dude, what

  1. MARK?! Please dude. You know his name, and his beard is legendary.

  2. Complicated is his speciality.

  3. Aww, poor guy's got some issues with over-analysing himself

  4. Is that Will? Or a new mystery man to confuse Hanna's feelings? DUN DUN DUNNN!

    1. It's Will and Hanna from a memory of their past.

      1. It's hard to tell without his 5 o'clock shadow!

  5. I made the same face as Hanna when he said "Mark".

  6. Is this fishy? Is this what fishy looks like?

    1. it's certainly what it smells like ~~~

    2. Fishing, perhaps. For what I'm not entirely sure yet. Hopefully my gut instinct is wrong on this one.

  7. Have we seen this character before? I can't place him.

    1. I think its Will. This is a flashback

      1. If that is Will, that explains the beard contest he tried to start while he was dating Mar.

    2. This is a flashback to earlier in the same day Will's flashback to meeting Larry started with (presumably, anyway, as they're both wearing the same clothes). This day ends badly. Will bitterly leaves Hannah at the museum (or some other building with columns), and whatever goes down between them inspires Will to drop out of college.

      1. oh, right, awesome. was hoping this would get revisited

  8. Man, that's the most self-pitying Will has ever done in two word balloons.

    1. I don't think that's Will…

  9. Oh man. I gotta get me some ART! Tate Modern, Saturday – who's with me?

    1. I might come, I’ve been meaning to go there at some point.

  10. oh man, Hanna looks ADORABLE with that bandana.

  11. Aw snap! There are no words to describe how excited I am that we'll finally learn about that one-panel flashback Will had ages ago. And from a different POV! I just remember her looking super sad and Will looking super angry/resentful as he walked away. Seriously, I've been wondering about it for ages!

    I love this comic!

    1. GYAH a link! Thank you!

    2. Oooh I always wondered what the sad Hanna standing by the column was all about! I thought it was maybe just supposed to show that Hanna was sad that Will was leaving college, but OF COURSE there's a whole story there.

  12. This took place back when Will shaved every 30 seconds, between panels.

    1. Nah, this is before Will got all them hairy growth hormones from Dieless Pharmaceuticals. He used to be such a normal lad!

  13. sunuvabitch, I was right. and college hanna is cute.

  14. will looks like jesse pinkman with that haircut

  15. oh no oh god this is gonna turn sad isn't it
    this is gonna end in tears
    my tears


  17. I wonder where Hannah was 'leading' him while Marek was gone.

  18. oh no oh god this is gonna turn sad isn't it

  19. Aw yes! After about a month or so of steady reading, I made it through the whole archive!

  20. Oh shit, looks like Will had an Eminem phase before he hit beard puberty.

  21. i didn't know will was an art brut fan

  22. Yay!! Double page comic on my birthday! <3

  23. Meredith Gran, is it possible that you are even more awesome than I already thought you were? And oh sweet Jesus…There's something about that blue…It touches me deep inside…Amazes me when I step outside…I'm sweating…I'm sweating

  24. Can't contain his inner Art Brut feelings 🙂

  25. "Nobody knows *anything*. Except *me*." Classic Hanna ^_^

  26. Oh Krishna she is so nervous……

  27. 559 then 580?

    Uh, I think you missed a number… Or 20

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