#573 – babies get in free

The main goal of this comic was to plant more seeds for the 90s nostalgia payoff later. But the last 2 panels are undoubtedly the most popular sequence of the series, often cropped and reposted out of context. It's as close as OP ever got to meme status, which is fine with me. It's actually a nice character moment separate from the story, and I'm glad people find it relatable.

7 thoughts on “#573 – babies get in free

  1. Panel 2 is it for me, It's just hilarious (especially with Eve's pony eyes) and I think that one deserves out of context meme status way more – but who can ever know what the Internet will choose.

  2. Really? I could have sworn Marek making Eve cry about kittens was bigger meme!

    1. a bigger meme on a smaller internet

  3. Sick burn, Eve. Sick burn. Timing, timing, TIMING x100.

  4. theforeignexchangers

    For me, the dead forever panel was meme worthy and the "I ship us!" Sequence earlier on. Those were two that marked me too much. Would've been fun to see a bit more 90s nostalgia but this comic is already nostalgic enough to make me tear up

  5. When a perfect joke meets perfect delivery, you got a meme in your hands.

  6. There was never a world where those last two panels weren't going to steal the show. And if there were, I wouldn't want to live in it.

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