#572 – what’re you doing today

I love the atmosphere of this page, but I'm a little disappointed by the balloon placement in panel 5. "Work." should've come immediately below Hanna's balloon in a place it couldn't be missed. Tricky though! It's a real puzzle to get so many panels to seem quiet.

3 thoughts on “#572 – what’re you doing today

  1. I love the rhythm of the ascending speech bubbles in panel 7, though, and then the little plummet down to eve's emphatic HI.

  2. Hanna von Bosendorffer's 12th Klavierstück in A Minor for the Well-tempered Harpsibong

  3. I'm a big fan of Hanna's little nose connecting to the mouth thing she has like in panel two. Sort of adds a little bit of goofiness to her character. It's more prevalent in the earlier years of OP and tapers off as the comic goes on, but I'm still happy with Hanna's design either way.

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