#571 – vacation day

Ahh, to be in your 20s and a workaholic. I didn't have a work-life balance for most of my 20s. There was a sense that work itself was virtuous - and in a way I guess it was worthwhile, since it was largely my own work. Now there's all kind of messaging about self-care and not grinding oneself down too hard. But at the same time we're all up to our ears in social media, which kind of IS work? Or at least this state where we're not able to look back and reflect - only stay engaged in the present. What does a person do when they truly leave work behind? Maybe more importantly, who are they? These were questions for me and for Hanna.

5 thoughts on “#571 – vacation day

  1. This may be silly, but it does hurt a little to watch Hanna's and Marek's relationship begin to feel more canned as the comic progresses. Especially since I know how it ends now.

    1. Still can't help but feel jealous of Marek getting lovingly nipped at.

  2. That feeling when a day off feels unnatural.

  3. I think I commented on "myszka", when I read it on the first run 🙂 Still – great and real Polish affection word!

    I have this feeling when I'm suddenly all alone and have free time. Without kids, without wife, without work? I can do anything! So I usually end up doing nothing. Or starting few things, not going through with any of them.

  4. I usually need a longer stretch of free/autonomous time to get out of duty-mode and into self-propelled mode. They function so differently for me that they interfer with eachother. A weekend is seldom enough time for me to even get the duty-mode turned off, so when I work I just end up living in duty-mode which sucks. I think it might be different if I was self-employed, but I haven’t tried, so that might be an illusion.

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