#518 – login id

Iconic page for me! Maybe no one else. It's just fun, graphically. I feel like I was probably getting a little bored with the story and looking for some easy/cute things to draw. When I'm a distractable toddler with my own work, it's usually a good idea to point myself in a new direction.

3 thoughts on “#518 – login id

  1. Someone named Danke posted this thing they made on the original page. If this truly is the last butt tamp we see for a while, I figure it deserves to be immortalized here as well: http://danke.h4xmb.com/tamp.gif

  2. Finally Eve gets a chance to go from being the horny to the horn-er.

  3. Eve's faces are the best. From her butt tamp to her "satisfied cat" eyes and outrage bug eyes – all great and good faces!

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