#486 – the troublesome friend

There's a moment when every OP reader realizes Eve's name is an innocuous play on words, and to me the cruelest thing would be if Eve herself was the last to know.

9 thoughts on “#486 – the troublesome friend

  1. Daaang, that was a beautiful reveal!

  2. The only thing crueller would have been if her Mum had triggered her realisation, as that would've been a Dawn Ning Epiphany…

    1. And the only thing crueler than that would have been if her mother had triggered her realization while she was eating a ridged, twisted donut, as that would've been a Cruller Dawn Ning Epiphany.

  3. He's going meta right here!

    1. He experiences his entire life from a meta perspective, which is both hilarious and profoundly sad.

  4. That pun is one I keep forgetting and remembering all the damm time…

  5. Then there's the really tortured moment when some reader (just sayin) only realizes it on his second reading…

  6. What really pulled the rug from under my feet was learning that Mor's actual name is Rushmore and that the pun is more complex than it initially seemed as both their names come from mountains. I still think is fantastically ingenious,

  7. Her mum is called Dawn??

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