#485 – i hear that a lot

Yeah I really struggled with the brush on this one, haha. The dating scene in NY is full of people who are very good at *dating* as if that is a skill in itself. Being presentable and getting in and out efficiently without any wasted time or feelings. If you date compulsively - multiple dates per week - you do need to keep things lean. I did it too at some point, even knowing the compulsion came from a desperate loneliness and a desire to be wanted. What Eve is doing in this story takes time and energy: waiting for that moment of combustion that can't be produced in a lab. It can only happen at random. Who has time for that?

8 thoughts on “#485 – i hear that a lot

  1. At least he's honest.

    1. I mean sure, but in the way most assholes are "honest".

      1. I'd much rather someone be upfront and honest about how they feel, so the other person can immediately know where they stand. In this case, Eve can immediately move on because she knows there's nothing to work towards. She's better off without him, and he saved her the headache of having to figure that out.

        If honest people are assholes, then nice people are liars. I'll take an honest asshole over a nice liar any day. I agree the guy is a dick and is clearly selfish, but imagine how much easier human interactions would be if everybody was genuine.

  2. Two things I never want to do again: date or write another resume.

    So far I'm 12 years plus without having to worry about one and 17 on the other.

    1. 7 and… 0. :/ It is truly the worst.

  3. That Eve face in the last panel is tinder in a nutshell.

  4. Things I notice: Panel 3 he smacks the cigarette pack to tamp the tobacco down – (I used to do this) – Then, he is holding his cigarette against his pinkie finger to smoke it – This I recall one used to do in order to smoke through your clenched hand, sort of like a flesh chillum – One did this to A) Keep any lip moisture away from the cigarette, B) Create an air chamber, sort of like an instant cigarette holder and C) If any of your lower-caste friends wanted a drag, you could easily share, as your lips had not touched the source. Anyway, I love the brushstrokes on the eyes and lips – very good indeed ..

  5. "Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow", by Vonda Shepherd comes over the jukebox.

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