#484 – your life’s over

I was experimenting with a cat's tongue brush for these pages, which I found uncomfortable and pretty quickly abandoned. The lines are chunky and not at all confident. I could see its utility on larger illustrations, but I just couldn't get those fine details right. This character was based on a friend in Brooklyn whose dating life was of fascination to me. I would later feel betrayed and disappointed by him in the way that Eve did. It's not unusual for my writing to get there before the rest of me does.

5 thoughts on “#484 – your life’s over

  1. Okay wait, is he guessing her age "What are you, 35?" (implying she's still far from an actually "old" age, why are you talking like that)
    Or saying "What are you, 35?" (implying that 35 is considered "old" and your life is over)

    1. The way that you can see it from either perspective, like that vase that becomes a profile of a human face, is why it's a perfect charming-asshole line. The fact that Eve, in this strip, is (I believe) supposed to be in her mid-20s just gives it another layer of Schrodinger's Jerk-ishness.

  2. 38 here. Might as well feed myself into a working wood chipper.

    1. 41, fuck the wood chipper, people are dumb and I will persist.

  3. Just another example of how one’s 30s can feel so desperate (nobody likes me to date me!) to depressing (I’m repulsive to every person I might be slightly attracted to, I’m doooomed) defensive (fuck them! I’m amazing!), determined, then back at the start. The hamster wheel of the last reproductive years is so cruel…

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