#487 – there’s just no story

I didn't see a need to revisit this character, he'd said all that was needed for him to say. Eve's life IS a story to us, but we all have the tendency to find bits of narrative in our lives. Motivations, inherent weaknesses, histories, causes and effect. These things are comforting but a hindrance. At times it's been freeing to embrace the senselessness of my life, from the beautiful to the painful and most formative. When life is inevitably chaos, there's gratitude to be found in moments of order.

5 thoughts on “#487 – there’s just no story

  1. To be honest, I was so irritated by this character that I was glad to see him go. Professional writers are unbearable sometimes. No offense… Speaking as a film worker from Los Angeles.

    1. I sort of really liked him, as per his function in the story. He was legitimately insufferable and condescending, but I suppose there is at least the honesty.

  2. I'm dropping my therapist and replacing them with the commentary on these reruns. Gran knows best.

  3. He did lead to some wonderful Eve facial expressions.

  4. Honestly, I didn't get the pun until this page pointed it out. *sigh*

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