#459 – a lifetime of regret

39 thoughts on “#459 – a lifetime of regret

  1. oh man!!! julie<3

  2. And right after she let Ollie help with the snowman. Seriously, Julie's just having a brutal time of it these days.

  3. Swears make everything better, At least that's been my experience.

    1. In fact, swearing has been scientifically proven to reduce pain. I am completely serious.

      1. …don't you mean, you're completely FUCKING serious?

  4. Wow, some people have no luck at all. D:

    Hopefully this leads to Julie's character changing, and she becomes a super shark taming wizardess.

    1. Agreed, poor Julie never gets a break. Maybe this is her chance to be happy. But then, she always seemed to have the most faith on Olly's Organix, and definitely loves the people she works with.

  6. Does this mean that Ollie overpaid her as severance pay?!? Manical plotting…

  7. *GASP* Didn't expect that whatsoever.

  8. Poor Julie. As if I didn't pity her before…

  9. Man… it seems it's always on the good days when something horrible happens to a friend.
    Then again, one of my friends has insanely bad luck in life…

  10. First no Jane now this? What does Meredith have against Julie?

  11. Dude now she can become a barista at Jane’s cafe!!

  12. Olly's cool meter has gone down at least a solid 50 points as a result of this.

    1. Which in my book makes him -49. I never liked Olly.

  13. The Kind With The Swears is always my preferred choice.

  14. Sounds like Berlin and New York in the spring share remarkable similarities.

  15. Its a bummer already.

  16. I vote for Eve’s hair!

  17. Is it the same customer as the one from strip #390? >:3
    And yay, more story on Julie (and prolly Jacob, though not likely in a romantic way)!

    1. Wow, maybe. If so, his mustache is more kempt these days.

    2. Nah, it isn't him. Just another guy with a moustache.

    3. Although… did you notice his expression in the last panel?

  18. Does Jacob look totally shocked and distraught in the last panel because Julie was fired or because of something foul the old lady in front of him said?

    1. Hoping for the first, thinking it's the last.

    In the words of the eternal Joni Mitchell: Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone?

    1. "An old man filled with regret…"



    WAIT I know why! Everyone loves Julie and by having horrible things happen to her, Merideth gets more people connected to the comic emotionally! WELL ITS NOT WORKING! Bwaaaah!


    Nah I'm just kiddin, keep up the great work Merideth, you continue to be one of my favorite webcomic artists, despite your grudge against Julie.

  22. 80s revenge montage time?

  23. Yea cheery Eve! Boo down-on-her-luck-again Julie. Can't wait to see where this goes.

  24. Oddest spelling of your name yet, MG. ^ Do you go out for Ollywe'en as Meri Deth?
    Loving the art and lettering. See you with OP-dedicated money in hand at TCAF! Can you drag Ms.Beaton along with? HARK! Also brilliant…

  25. Ohhhh man! Just catched up!
    This comic is GREAT! I LOVE it!
    Poor Julie… can't any of them have a happy day full of happiness (without anything depressing happening to them in the middle)?
    Haha, but then the comic would get boring… Oh well!
    You, Missy, just got yourself a new reader (which will bring more readers 'cos my friends like this kind of genre for comics)

  26. I am pumped for Julie to come out on top of this

    I fuckin' love character development 😀

  27. She works with Jane at the hipster cafe.

  28. julie's gonna join the guild

  29. But I think the real question is "Where the hell is Victor?!"

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