#460 – internship

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31 thoughts on “#460 – internship

  1. Hahahahahahahahahah, oh man. Been there.

  2. Can't wait until I can afford to pre-order! Although by then it might not be a pre-order any more.

  3. Haha, oh noooooo. My first thought after Eve mentioned that she left the NY Times on his desk was that someone would have had to teach him how to read first. I say we find that insidious bugger and draw and quarter 'em.

  4. Oh, man. I don't know if this was intended, but my first reading of panel 5 was as a reference to the recent NYT articles on the illegal of internships as a source of free scut labor (recent one at http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/03/opinion/03perli… older one at http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/03/business/03inte… – as in, Olly read about this horrible, abusive practice and thought, "Hey! Free labor!"

    1. didn't know about those articles, but i'm pretty sure that's what was intended!

    2. I hadn't read that particular article, but the NYT has been talking about internships with this concerned tone for a while. It seems like it's on a lot of people's minds right now!

  5. Your hand-lettering is already getting clearer and more defined. Way to go.

  6. How does a woman Julie's age not know the sorrows of interning? LOOK OUT, WOMAN.

  7. Oohhh MAN… SO been staring this one down. I am as of june, 31 frakkin' years and three recessions deep as a Creative Pro, and I have never seen a creative marketplace as toxic as it is not. The NUMBER ONE entry level position for Junior designers, or "production assoiciates" in the current market is … INTERN. And they want expert level skills and 2-5 years experience!

    Interning was supposed to be the job you had in the summer break to get some real-world experience. Now it's your first TWO full time jobs out of school. Imagine hitting the street with your shiny new BFA, and working eight to twelve hours a day for NOTHING, then dashing to the 2nd gig at K-mart, McDonalds or the waitress thing, then crawling into your sixth floor walk up in Chelsea you share with three psycho roommates for a shower and a nap before doing it all again the next day, while you carry $150,000 in student loans.

    When the Studio has been busy, I am asked by colleagues why I don't take in an intern to pick up some of the load. I won't do it. I won't participate in the brutal exploitation. I'd rather farm out or turn down work than take part in this system.

    Run Julie, RUN LIKE HELL!

    1. frakkin! Yay BSG love!! <3

    2. There are internships and internships. You can tell the difference between them really simply: One will pay. I don't mind doing the scut work. Data entry and phones and dealing with customers and even pushing a broom. But if I'm going to spend 4, 5 (8?) hours a day there, I should get something for it…

      And yes, I have a few applications out for internships right now. And I have seen those internships asking for a couple of years of experience, too. That is incredible.

      1. Or, to put the same idea slightly differently, there are internships and internments.

    3. It's not just BFAs, either. I'm about to graduate from law school staring down the barrel of the same thing. You're a good person for not buying into this evisceration of the minimum wage laws.

    4. you're telling me. I left the creative/art world a few years back because of this. Even my last place I worked recently, in cooking of all things, had 5 "co-op students" rather than giving the paid people real hours. Oh my god.

    5. I PAID for my internship. I even choose my masters because they would set it up. The only consolation is that I'm actually being trained to use equipment and I'm not doing grunt labor.

    6. great post!


  9. Panel 4 Eve so cute!

  10. I didn't see this coming either! You've done it again.

  11. "It might lead to something." Oh Julie, Ollie would choose YOU to pull this on.

  12. Gah…where did I hide my credit card? Pre-order calling my name…
    Hey – were the buddies who Will let persish in a kind of internship as well?
    Things are looking worse and worse for Julie!

  13. Wow. Olly is officially the most evil character in webcomics.

  14. Oh, for… Just how OLD is Julie? How can she be so naïve?????

  15. if its anything like my internship at a skateboarding company, it'll involve 12 hour days plus 3 hours driving, and no job once its done. Internships are scams.

  16. Julie you poor sweet soul :'D

  17. Ahaha, I laughed out loud. Internships: great on paper, not so much in practice.

  18. Internships like that one are for chumps. And for scabs. Please, Julie, tell that guy to put his slave labor up his organic a-hole!

  19. "Who told Olly what an intern is?" GOLD! RIGHT HERE!

  20. soo excited about your second book! i hope the printing goes well

  21. I'm really hoping this arc ends with Ollie getting a beatdown. I've seen kids sewing shoes in factories get more benefits than Ollie's Organix employees.

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