#458 – i need you

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  1. I imagine it would be easier to not regret buying that thing if one were to leave it in bed upon waking up, instead of taking it along.

    Also, I don't fully understand why Hanna is speaking Spanish.

    1. For the fun of it, perhaps? This is something that I do on a daily basis, for the express purpose of sounding like a dumb tool. Few things are more enjoyable than completely butchering another language with a gringo accent.

      1. Yeah, that occured to me afterwards: "Oh, wait, that's probably just Hanna being Hanna. Duh."

        1. I always try to switch up my greetings, and also toasts. Aloha, slainte, guten tag, chin-chin, ave, nas dorovia, konnichiwa and skål everybody!

  2. Oh my, the only thing creepier than the boyfriend pillow is the person-sized "living" pillow that breathes (which I lost the link to, unfortunately).

    Btw, for some reason I can't get to this comic by hitting next on the last comic.

  3. i wouldnt regret buying a girlfriend pillow there i said it

    1. Only having half a chest would be so disturbing for that version… 🙂

      1. Actually, the girlfriend pillow does have both “bumps” (see that “Frequently bought together” section). I note with bemusement that boyfriends are apparently presumed to sleep on the left.

        Poor Eve, but yay for her strength!

  4. Her expression in the fourth panel is just too alluring.

    1. I assume its the postman. He must have been dissappointed when he found out she was being alluring for the pillow, not the poor postman.

      I am a postman and this happens so much and it makes me sad D:

      (I am not a postman but I still get sad.)

  5. The 'Customers who viewed this also viewed …' links take me to places I never really wanted to imagine.


      1. The first reviewer comment for these is the BEST THING EVER.

        1. It is. It is indeed.

  6. really want to listen to some lionel richie now……

  7. As a male who is adamant in his sexuality, even I would like a Boyfriend Pillow.

    I'm bisexual.

    1. me too, and me too.

  8. Oh my Buddha, I totally forgot these existed. 'TIL NOW.

  9. You made me lulz.

  10. I can't imagine the boyfriend pillow NOT wearing a denim shirt. All I can think about is what kind of sad place I would be in if I lowered my standards to accepting a denim-shirted relationship. Of course, that sad place just invites boyfriend pillows.

  11. Is the white button-up with breast pocket the only option? What about those who want to pretend, in the half-conscious moments that precede sleep, that they are resting against the arm and torso of a working-class boyfriend?

    1. Just wait for the hipster flannel and john mclain white vest versions. shits gonna be big.

    2. Chest hair is tougher to simulate. If you want to go that far, you could get a male LiveDoll….

  12. Ahaha, I'd forgotten all about that thing. 😀 Love the puckered up lips. :3

  13. Do…. do people really buy those things? I am so depressed

  14. Hey, Meredith? You said we could also pre-order at TCAF, right? Is there any difference between doing it online now and doing it there? Is one better for you?

    1. So nice of you to ask! I'm happy to give people options. But ordering online does mean I get to print the books sooner, so I guess I'd benefit most from that. 🙂

      1. Ok! I'll do it when I get home tonight in that case.

  15. Eve's tooth gap is making an adorable cameo in panel 2! 🙂

  16. This reminded me a tiny bit of the James Franco episode of 30 Rock. ^_^

  17. fayerocksmysocks`

    I miss my body pillow…. its not a boyfriend pillow with arms but it was still amazing.

  18. If Eve had a pillow with an anime character on it, which character would it be?

    1. I'm going to go with Sanji from One Piece. With the blonde hair and stubble he could remind her of Will, but still looks different enough to provide plausible deniability. (Will is blonde right? Hard to tell with B&W comics.)

      1. Thanks. Now I have an imagine in my head of a fictional girl hugging a pillow of a character that is fictional in her fictional universe. Also, this is getting confusing.

  19. Buenaas, Hanna 😀

    1. Cómo dormiste che?

  20. = 3=

    Hanna's reaction face is The Best Thing

  21. woo! hanna's back!
    i missed that girl 🙂

  22. I somehow think that reaction of hanna's would be the same whether the boyfriend she walked in with was plush, plastic or person.

    Eve being lonely enough to resort to a boyfriend pillow, while funny, still mainly left me feeling for the gal, whereas everytime I see one of those anime pillows or something like the lap thing in that link I can't help but chuckle.
    Empathy for an imaginary person and scorn for a real one?
    Now I feel like a terrible human being too.

    Still love the comic though.

  23. I would gladly buy a pillow shaped like Eve! Ms. Gran, you can have that idea for a new revenue source for free.

  24. I have a strict policy of only cuddling things that have a complete torso and head. It's a policy that's served me well.

  25. I actualy saw on of thowes at a thrift store a few years back. The thought crossed my mind but I left it.

  26. haha. I love how it says "loading Intense Debates"

  27. noooooo
    I just caught up to current from reading through the archives.
    If i wasn't completely broke I'd buy the book.
    this is fantastic. more more more!!!!

  28. I don't really care for Hanna at all.

  29. I wonder what boyfriend pillow needs a shirt pocket for. Probably he can't carry much with just one hand.

  30. finally, finished reading the whole thing, that was looong

  31. Aaaaaaaaahhh!! Didn't see that coming, hahahahaha

  32. Lmao I can't believe those things are real!

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