#456 – geez

The original page of this comic is for sale! SOLD! This concludes the buddies arc! There'll be a couple of one-shots next. I did a little post on the Pizza Island blog about a mini-tour of my workspace! Check it out here. There are also desk tours by my other studiomates, updating daily 'til we've all done them!

59 thoughts on “#456 – geez

  1. So, do you flush them down the toilet or bury them in the backyard?

  2. Well, obviously the buddy bones get ground up to make snacks for the next round of buddies. That's how we always do it here. I mean, um…

    1. Sooner than you know, you'll be having the Mad Buddy Disease, bro! D:

  3. Some how, I'm not surprise by this turn out.

  4. By the way, did you see the shout out in Monday's "Girl Genius"?

    1. Wow that is a cute shout out! I went back and found it as soon as I saw it 🙂 Thanks for the tip, how did you put it together?

    2. Ha I did not notice that! Love Girl Genius. And teehee at the buddies. They sure we're dumb.

    3. How the fuck did I not notice that? D=

  5. I totally did not see that coming. Oh geez, poor Larry.

  6. OMG! there are just like my undergraduate students… they need me for everything.
    On the other hand… looks like we need new buddies

  7. Are you serious! I am beyond stunned as to what just happened… the bros… DIED!!!!!! lol too freaking funny.

  8. My basement is exactly like that. I mean, the part where it's full of skeletons, not where it's a social scene.

  9. This is the first octopus pie storyline I COMPLETELY RELATE WITH

    1. …I don't want to be your buddy, ever. 😐

  10. This conclusion is A-FLIPPING-MAZING!

  11. Good. Those buddies were dumb. Get better buddies next time, Larry. Go to a reputable buddy store.

    1. Oh yeah, a lot of stores buy from buddy mills, it's really horrible. You should really get rescue buddies instead.

      1. This message brought to you by the People For Ethical Treatment of Buddies (PETB)

    2. Get a rescue buddy from the buddy pound. Those buddies have CHARACTER.

  12. Haha! I didn't expect that twist

  13. I'm really getting into this new art. Not just the lettering and inking either. Maybe I just haven't been paying enough attention, but the angles in each panel are 5 stars epic. The stairwell, the skeletons, and the last panel really grab my attention. I also like how the intensity of a bunch of dead guys is acceptable with Will playing the bad roommate. Wow Will, way to be a douche.

  14. Fantastic.
    Also, Will is way more attractive than any cartoon character has the right to be.

  15. And now there's Bodies in the basement, bum dum tish!

  16. Oh yeah, man, this sort of thing happens with my buddies all the time. They're pretty dumb. They decompose really quickly though, so you don't have a big mess to clean up.

  17. Hopefully Will and Larry have that basement buddy-proofed. You don't want a buddy getting out into the world only to be hit by a car or eaten by a dog.

  18. I haven't gotten a laugh like this out of octopus pie in a while. I loved this. xD

  19. TOTALLY knew these guys 10 years ago in college. Townhouse of four dudes with, at times, six or seven (eight? does one dude's little brother on a week long but finite visit count?) de facto residents, plus a girlfriend for one of the actual paying roommates. I didn't keep track, I think they actually slept in shifts on the couch.

  20. It could have been worse. A buddy female could have gotten in there and pretty soon the basement would have been overflowing with buddies.

  21. What is it, buddy? Are you trying to tell us something?

    "Bro there's totally a chick in that well, lawl."

  22. Really liked reading about your gross ink dish that never gets washed. I have a gross ink shot glass that never gets washed.

  23. Oh god that pun, hahaha.

    Oh, i wanted to ask – I'm from Argentina, but this week my mom's on Dayton, Ohio, she will try to find "There are no stars in Brooklyn" in libraries. I think Random House has your book, right?

    1. you should be able to find it at book stores that sell graphic novels. Barnes and Noble usually has it in stock!

      1. Awesome! I'll text her then, it's the only thing i'm getting for the states : P

  24. Guh, Will's T-shirt O_o

    Don't mind me, I'm in a creepy mood.

  25. Way to go Meredith it's not often that I read a comic that makes me laugh so hard that I interrupt a class I'm not apart of.

  26. Woot! Pigma Microns ftw!

    And very funny. Gee, is that cannon?

  27. Haha, is Will eating Doritos in panel 5? That was for the buddies, bro!

  28. Aves Project Ideas

    I can't remember the last time I've laughed so hard at skeletal remains.

    1. RandomWebcomicsJunki

      We used to have some CRAZY labor day parties, back in the day…

  29. I am SO GLAD that Octopus Pie has entered the esteemed world of hand-lettering! The lack of consistency with great comic art and robot-stiff computer fonts is a tragedy of the modern age.
    This comic continues to climb ever higher on the ladder of good taste!

  30. Oh well at least Larry never got too attached to them… didn’t even give them individual names!

    Next time maybe he’ll get one of those timed food dispensers rather than trust Buddies’ well-being to an abstract force of judgment and justice (Will!).


    That was GREAT!! And man, it brought back such memories ^^ Loved the running down the stairs panel. And Larry's face when he opens the basement door is priceless!

  32. Remember folks, buddies are for life not just for your Jackie Chan movie-marathon.

  33. rofl! Buddies! Noooooo! lol

  34. I had a dream involving baristas last night. I blame you.

    I think this is the page I've laughed more at in the whole comic.

  36. The hamster-owner’s nightmare…

    Alternatively, looks like these buddies were literally “too dumb to live”!

  37. lol bro this like that Chuck Palahgjkjjhg book

    Fight Club?

    lol ya

  38. you have made me want a Cintiq even more than I already do…. Sniffles.

  39. A plot twist! And you all thought Larry was the one who would die. Ah well.

  40. They are skeletons already wow buddies starve fast.

  41. Ha! Well, I guess it really did turn into a basement full of bodies! Well, bones, but still. They must be quick decomposing buddies, get them at a store near you!

  42. I love the universe of Octopus Pie, where the solution to involuntary manslaughter is burying the corpse like flushing away fish.

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