#445 – the keystone

I pulled out way too far on that Rite Aid joke. A lighter touch... "She overcharged me for milk at Rite Aid" ...might've worked better. I'm just spitballing. Every time I express dismay at a joke though, someone tells me they like that one. There is no right answer. I know I forgot a detail on that Jenga block but I fixed it in the print version.

5 thoughts on “#445 – the keystone

  1. Did … did he … did he just pull off his sunglasses only to reveal *another* pair underneath?!?!

  2. I really like the sunglasses under sunglasses gag

  3. I love the sunglasses gag. I think using the “she overcharged me…” joke would’ve tied more into the comment about “you’ve probably seen her around Brooklyn” like the other two guesses Mary Jo made. But the added “for all we know” gives the implication that nobody knows or cares about the founders of major chain stores, and they could, in theory be anybody. Either way, it’s still a funny exchange.

  4. I'll be that guy, I like this one. It's … not entirely out of the question in the OP universe

  5. My favourite is the dramatic sunglasses pull…to reveal another set of sunglasses…

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